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    Do you ride EVERYDAY or do you give your horse at least 1 day off?

    He gets the day off after hunting, which usually means Monday's off and would usually have the day off after competing during the summer - I try to keep work as varied as possible though as he gets bored & stale so a mix of flatwork, jumping and hacking during the week with no more than two...
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    Sweet itch - what's best to use

    summer freedom is brilliant
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    Lameness advice please...

    Old YO dropped over to have a look & agreed, cold hosing, cooling gel no bute until I see how he is tomorrow, box rest.... really not much swelling but he's v lame in trot fingers crossed .......
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    Lameness advice please...

    I have broken my pony....stupidly jumped on grass without boots yesterday, fine when we got home, didn't give legs a full check this morning (stupid) all tacked up & ready to ride out for a hack with my neighbour this morning, set off down the road at trot....pony lame...near fore, heat and...
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    Irish Peeps, Eventing or XC trainers?

    Looking for someone good to help me get over some XC issues, anyone used anyone they'd really recommend? Happy to hire course & pay for travel etc. if it will help sort us out as otherwise we may end up parting company. I'm based in Kildare but happy to travel - PM me if you prefer Thanks!
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    Confidence Knocked- What would you do? *long, sorry*

    I'm going to go against the grain here and say if there's not much jumping and if the pony is normally good in company why not give it a go - I am a complete chicken normally but have started hunting this season to try and get myself out of the chicken mode....there's always someone to take a...
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    Which bit/bits do you use and why ... ?

    Full cheek french link for flatwork & SJ 3-ring for Xc and hunting
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    Irish peeps

    Thanks folks
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    Irish peeps

    Thanks folks - had forgotten about the farmer's journal!
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    Irish peeps

    probably considering advertising but anyone have any good Irish sites for buying ponies - need to find a shetland gelding as a companion - nothing on any of the rescue sites Ta
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    elevator V Heritage bridle which one !!

    have the heritage one & a keiffer ergonomic which is really nice
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    My YO went up for her first outing up there (second only 3 day and the last one was 10 years ago!) she came 45th out of about 82 which considering she was third last after the dressage was quite a result Well done you though - fair play is all I can say!!!
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    I'm a CRAP rider and am deluded in thinking I'm competent enough...

    brilliant news - delighted to hear how well teh two of you are getting on - have just started to brave the 95cm mark myself in local clear round comps and totally understand how proud you rightly are....
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    How attached is your horse to you?

    Hmmm well he's on full livery so I'm not the one who feeds him (yet - stables being built as we speak so in 3 weeks time I will be!!) I reckon he's pretty fond of me - comes when I call to bring in to ride, will walk with me without the lead (unless of course he sees food inwhich case I'm on my...
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    What does your horse wear? (Tack wise)

    Everything but XC Sid wears: keiffer ergonomic bridle with flash full cheek french link close contact Berneys saddle Jumping away from home: front NEW competition boots For XC: Flash bridle 3-ring martingale Boots front and back