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    How do I discipline something that retaliates worse when told off?? Long post!

    The rug will slip off the back if the chest isn't buckled up. No way do you want a semi fastened rug to stay attached to your galloping horse! Leg straps will break a lot easier than the rug itself.
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    Competitive spark and living out.

    I think the reason you're filled with horror at a horse being asked to work off grass is because yours most likely stuff their faces on the few hours they have. Those that live out don't tend to do that.
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    How do I discipline something that retaliates worse when told off?? Long post!

    Agree with the others, your attitude is a bit off. Headcollar on for now, do what you need to do and leave her alone when eating. Same with changing rugs, the last thing you want to do is have the horse charging off with a half on rug. My mare is full of character; when leading her she air...
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    Delete if not aloud

    They also don't batter an eyelid.
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    Farrier issues...

    I think most of us would be quite surprised to be charged £25 for a refit if we have the shoe that was thrown.
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    Farrier issues...

    Did you have the shoe he'd thrown? If so, I'd expect a £10 refitting fee. If not, I'd expect £15-20. Maybe your farrier doesn't appreciate your loyalty, maybe he's milking you. 20% price hike is quite steep, though mine put his prices up recently by a similar amount. Though that was a...
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    Abscess :-(

    I think it's safe to say that most of us wouldn't choose to use pain relief for an abscess. But if you feel your way is right then you crack on. I would prefer a farrier to come out straight away and drain it from the sole rather than let it do its own thing and burst out the coronary band...
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    Abscess :-(

    YCBM's post above shows why bute shouldn't be used. Call your farrier first if you suspect one, I wouldn't try digging around in a horse's hoof.
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    Hubby just had to say it! Grrr!

    It's nice to see a sport clydie! Good luck with her, as said elsewhere the feet picking up is a joint effort between you and your mare. Not many people would be able to pick up an uncooperative horse's foot, clyde or not.
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    Other horse on my turnout ?

    A relative of YO has been kicked off another yard and is now using your friend's grazing. I doubt YO is going to kick out a relative any time soon and I also doubt the relative will poo pick. Your friend has been had. I suspect she'll lose two of her turnout fields to the relative and will...
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    2nd horse ? Should I get another?

    I asked my farrier this as my horse is now 20, full of beans but I had the crazy thought that she should slow down a bit. He said it wasn't a good idea, because of the health implications should my current horse be pushed to the sidelines. They do a lot better in work than retired if they're...
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    Let’s find a horse for SLH

    But they'll cost at least £10k in the process unless it's what you do for a living.
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    Horse having a nervous breakdown

    You say he's on Alpha A lite, but you also mention a supplement. What is the supplement?
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    Can’t catch horse!

    You're going to have to make the time, most problems with horses are caused by rushing and impatience.
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    Advice on loading & loading issues

    Do you know anybody that practices Parelli WELL that you could ask? I taught mine, with the help of a non-fluffy non-scared Parelli enthusiast. It's a method to get horses self loading, I stand to one side of the ramp, she walks on and I do up the breech bar. The trick is to encourage the...