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    Hand reared foals..

    Do they generally tend to have more issues/problems than 'normally' reared foals? Would you buy one? Any thoughts/personal experiences? Things to watch out for/to expect..
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    To buy or to breed? Dilemma..

    I am now at the point where I can breed from my mare next year, I have also found the stallion I would hope to use. But.. I have also found a foal for sale which ticks my boxes and I have fallen head over heels in love with! So the big decision, do I breed from my mare and get the homebred I...
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    Is Furst Kiss still available at stud?

    Is Furst Kiss still available at stud? I noticed on his Facebook page he is now in America? Does anybody have anything by him? What is he like temperament wise? Any info would be great, thanks
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    Is this little lad good enough to show ?

    Cute little pony, as you have said you are addressing his weight issues, ignore the nasty comments, have a go at the showing and have fun! X
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    What colour tweed?

    Which would you say went best with a deep liver chestnut horse? Dark Green based tweed or brown based tweed? I can't decide between two jackets!:o
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    Appaloosa/Coat colour/genes people help please..

    Loving the photos but seems nobody know what our random light spots are :(:confused: Anybody else?
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    Appaloosa/Coat colour/genes people help please..

    Here's a photo. Sorry it's huge I don't know how to make it smaller.
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    Appaloosa/Coat colour/genes people help please..

    My blanket spot appy is a deep liver chestnut, on her blanket she has the usual spots the same colour as her coat but she has two small spots which look like a very pale chestnut, is that what colour they will most likely be or could they possibly be a dilute colour? I'll try to find a photo, if...
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    Cheshire Bloodhounds - New Pack

    Ooo I saw this too, hoping to go as well and will also be my first time hunting :)
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    Rembrandt DDH

    Thoughts and opinions on this stallion? Anybody used him? Have or know any offspring of his? I Have been thinking of breeding from my mare for a number of years, at 16.2 I feel she is a little big for me, I wish I could shrink her a hand! Looking to breed to keep, ideally something that...
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    Korolieva (IRE) TB mare

    Anybody know this mare? Or find any photos of her? I have found the usual breeding info etc on racing post. Preferably looking for someone that knows/knew her. Thanks
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    Tagula foals?

    As a yearling he was sold at the sales for 19,000 Euros. As a 3 year old he was withdrawn from one sale but then sold at another for 15,000 guineas.
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    I am currently 37 weeks pregnant and stopped riding as soon as I found out I was pregnant (about 6 weeks) I miscarried before this one and would not have forgiven myself if anything where to happen. Had my horse for 8 years and even though she is safe as a row of houses, anything can happen! I'm...
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    how many dogs have you got?

    You're like the real life version of the film snow dogs with 'Nana' the collie :D We have 3, a choc lab, a black lab and a staffy cross.
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    100g Turnouts, who makes them? Have Shires stopped?

    I recently got some Masta 100g turnouts from Robinsons when they had the sale on, not sure if they will have any left online? If not I'd try eBay!