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    Improving leisure horse welfare

    Hey - dm me where you are. we have potentially have a space at the yard I'm at in East Yorks and we have 24/7 T/O April - Nov and full days (7:30 - 5:30 for my ponies) in the worst parts of winter. It's the best I can find :)
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    Has anyone had experience with Melanoma Vaccine?

    Mine had the vaccine done when he was 10 years old with just one visible lump in his jaw. He’s now 17 and his lump has never changed and is still his only (visible) one :)
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    Selling a “heart horse”

    ^^ this 100%
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    Never dull with Bog pony

    I think he looks amazing - you both do! I followed your story closely while he was injured and the distance you’ve come since then is outstanding. You’re a team to be reckoned with that’s for sure and the fact he is feeling well enough to jump like this after you were so unsure about his future...
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    Chatsworth AE

    Has anyone entered? I’m in the 90 on Saturday... last comp was Frickley AE last year 😅 Don’t compete often but when I do I choose an international HT 😂 Has anyone done it before?
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    I've just bought some PC Raceware unisex breeches and I'm super Impressed. I nor.alyl like riding tights, but wanted something warmer but I don't like the structure of normal joddies or breeches so gave these a go because I liked how baggy they are. Not at all disappointed and not too pricey at...
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    When is mentally damaged too damaged

    My little Irish horse was like this when he came to me about 7 years ago, machine like, polite and shut down. I turned him out with my very unlike this Welsh D, who I believe taught him how to be a horse again. He did turn quite naughty to begin with - but we’ve since found a happy medium where...
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    This poor old chap

    oh he’s just beautiful ❤️
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    Abusive Yard Owner

    I second this x
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    Leg position - jumping.....HELP!!

    I think the best advice I can offer for this is standing up - when you’re hacking and in walk, stand up in your stirrups and stay there. It will build up your leg and core strength. Second bit is Think in your mind about the sole of your foot facing the fence on your approach. Obviously you...
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    Rider height and horse height

    5’9 on a 14.2 :)
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    Confessions of a groom

    She sounds lovely ❤️
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    Your future predictions of the horse world

    this would be so cool
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    Your future predictions of the horse world

    Great thread - I think it’ll be really interesting. Here’s a few things I think: - land will become really hard to come by, expensive and we may have to rethink turnout - the ever warmer weather will cause issues. Competition seasons might change to factor this in - insurance will force...