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    Stables/Livery Yards in Bath

    I'm looking into moving to Bath from Cheltenham which means relocating 3 horses. I don't know much about the horsey activities in the area so was wondering if anyone can suggest anywhere worth looking for stables in the area? Ideally I'm looking for DIY or Part Livery for 3 horses. An arena...
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    using turnout rugs

    Think of a turnout rug like you wearing a winter coat. When the weather is cold, you will put a thicker coat on. If it rains you will want a waterproof coat. On spring days you will wear a light weight jacket or even not wear a coat at all. Horse rugs are are same. When it is cold they...
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    should i change my ponies bit ?

    I would change her noseband - if she is putting her head down to tank off chances are she is crossing her jaw/opening her mouth, a grakle will stop this. I don't like seeing small ponies bitted up so IMO I think the best approach is for her schooling to be improved to make her more responsive...
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    Lessons at Talland

    I trained with Marie Smith for a couple of years who was fantastic but may be a bit tough for you if you are wimpy when it comes to being shouted at. Justine is very good & I don't think she is quite as tough on her pupils as Marie. Some of their lower level instructors are also very good
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    For Angua2 - Such Sad News

    How horrible! To go from feeling excited about having Sidney home to making such a tough decision must have been awful and at this time of year it will hurt even more RIP Sidney (((HUGS))) to Angua2 & all Sidneys friends
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    advice needed - buying a foal

    Talk to Mrs Burton at Stockings Farm Stud, Wolverhampton. She isn't too far from you & stands Thethingaboutitis. She breeds a few herself each year & they are nearly all event types with nice temperament. I bought a mare from her a year ago & she is a sweetie! Mrs Burton doesn't...
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    What clippers?

    Sorry, I'm sure this question must have been asked dozens of times already but I broke my Lister Neon's this morning. Having sworn lots, had a minor temper tantrum & jumped up & down a few times I have now decided to buy some more - and quickly! My poor horse has 1 1/2 clipped legs...
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    Recommend a wound cream please!

    I like Vetguard's version of intrasite gel. Puts a nice protective barrier over a wound & really helps with healing. Not the cheapest but effective.
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    TB types who get fit quickly

    My anglo-arab keeps himself fit charging around the field as they are all turned out on the side of the hill & he is the herd boss - lots of trotting around required! When he has had time off work I've always found that he just needs a couple of weeks of steady work (road work) before...
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    Ridgeback Question

    A friend of mine breeds ridgebacks. Her bitches are beautiful! They seem quite intimidating when you walk in because they are big dogs with a big bark but once you get to know them they are big softies. They seem really cuddly & proper 'friends' but they can be cheeky, however the ones...
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    the best bridle?

    Pink Equine
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    dressage critique

    To be honest is is difficult to tell much from the photos. I do think a topline will make a huge difference to him - in the first photo where he was going through a ribby phase his neck looks worse than it does in the photos where he is carrying more weight. In the first photo he does appear...
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    [ QUOTE ] I'm also in the same boat and been trying to sell a Kieffer dressage saddle ... had it on ebay for £475 with no bids. It's a £1400 saddle and can't believe it won't sell. [/ QUOTE ] I'm amazed that hasn't sold! If only I had a spare £475 I'd have snatched your hand off as that...
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    Jordan talking about horses & Olympics

    [ QUOTE ] perhaps she is inspired by "International Velvet" . . . . you know, where she hops over a couple of 2ft showjumping fences and *hey presto* is invited to the Olympic eventing squad training camp! [/ QUOTE ] PMSL!!! If only! I think half of us on this forum would be on the long list...
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    Bl**dy Rugs!

    Just you wait, you will soon be joining the compulsive rug buyers clique