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    Advice - should I have to pay?

    Appreciate everybody's replys and opinions. I'm not one to fall out with people so plan to pick the horse up and explain that I'm not happy with how the situation was dealt with. I live five minutes round the corner so bringing him home really would have been a better plan. Just nice to know...
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    Advice - should I have to pay?

    You will have to take my word for it that series of events were, phone call to say vet had been and taken teeth out, I was caught on the back foot and agreed to pay vets directly. I am not a confrontational person and should have said I wasn't happy at that point but thought I was being over...
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    Advice - should I have to pay?

    Not at all but what can I do now? It's been done.
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    Advice - should I have to pay?

    I think you are going off piste a little here and twisting my words. I believe that in *this case* it is not pain related. His most recent 'episode' he had been behaving very well and I took him to a little low key dressage competition and he napped, reared and fell over. I can't believe he...
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    Advice - should I have to pay?

    No contract, agree that in hindsight is silly. I know it is easy for me to say but it isn't pain related. It isn't consistent enough, it is a reaction to a situation that is the problem. Ie. Sees something he doesn't like out hacking and spins and rears. He can hack a whole route, school into...
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    Advice - should I have to pay?

    I sent my horse on full working livery, he is nappy and rears and wanted the professional to push some buttons and then I go back to him for lessons on how to deal with it. I said to him - I don't expect you to hand him back to me cured, I just want advice on how to deal with him. Without...
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    Is it worth me breeding in this scenario...

    I think if you put a good amount of time and research into bloodlines, temperament and soundness therefore reducing your chances of failure it is a good way of buying you next horse, sort of on finance. I bred my own foal, now rising four and she has been the easiest horse I have ever dealt...
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    Lunging my young horse

    if you do want to introduce side reins or similar go for a 'bungee' training aid. then they can play with the contact and be comfortable.
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    Is docking of non-working dogs still illegal?

    This is a bug bear of mine because I am now the proud owner of a docked, 7 month old Viszla who will work and show. Obviously I am aware we cant got o Crufts but I wanted a duel purpose dog and to show her and get some critique, also I think it is good experience for them What I don't...
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    Any Viszla experts on here...?!

    Thought you were all due an update....! we took the plunge in August last year when I found a fab puppy out of a bitch that works and has a good working background and by a dog that has shown at an ok level and he has qualified for Crufts. even with the fab advice and experience with puppies...
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    In need of some feed advice please!

    Just to add - also try Protexin Acid ease or probiotic. I had really good results from them but you won't see a difference for three weeks.
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    In need of some feed advice please!

    Hard to know without seeing him but some random suggestions to see if any might be worth trying I *think* fast fibre has barley in it which a lot of horses react to in the same way people do to wheat/gluten, I know C&C does. try swapping fast fibre for Lucerne pellets, either Simple Systems...
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    Recommendations for dry food?

    I recently found 'Shadow' grain free dog food and tried my lurcher on it, who typically doesn't eat much and burns at a high rate so needs a high meat content, she loves it, eats more than ever and my mum has switched her whippet to it who is even worse and they are both carrying a good amount...
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    How long do you soak Lucie Nuts for?

    if it is SS Lucie nuts then they MUST be soaked as per feeding instructions on the bag!!!! I used to feed them and soak for 12 hours minimum, in winter they last about 4/5 days in summer I soak daily as they go off quite quickly. Dengie also to Alfalfa pellets which don't HAVE to be soaked and...
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    How much to do with a yearling?

    I took my yearling to a little show last year and had a great day out. If you don't HAVE to get results I would just pick a low key, local show where you can both go and have a nice relaxed day out. Using a pro is unnecessary pressure IMO. You have years to practice and at this stage I would...