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    Jumping a 4 year old.

    4 yr old what? I would be cautious and do very little, we dont really jump the babies much until they are five. Big hairy cobs mature fast though and cope better as do pure TB's. Warmbloods are slow to grow and easy to damage
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    He probable has a hormone imbalance, or has been kicked and become nervous and timid around mares. Very young studs will ignore mares if they are beaten up by the mares, he needs to learn to chat em up. If its a hormonal prob, then see mr Vet!
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    Dratted transport companies!

    We have just spent a week and a small mortgage preparing a mare for insemination by a very expensive stallion. How is it even conceivable that the courier company can manage to send the semen to Helsinki when we live in Scotland???????? How can a najor company make such a huge boob? They dont...
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    Would you ....

    Hundreds of horses wear bar shoes and if she has no heel pain in the shoes, why is she unsaleable. Look at the GP classes and count the bar shoes!!!
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    He is a fine fella. Buy him, the dishing wont stop him doing BD go look at a few Grand Prix comps!
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    FUMING- RSPCA..............

    Something seems off here. Have had several ponies from RSPCA for nowt. They are completely bound up in tape of a deep scarlett hue though! So sad these things are always so dfficult. Try getting the other charities involved? And bhs welfare?
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    horses being kept on there own!

    It is fine for the less social equine and can be the best bet for the socially inept.
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    Is it true that first foals are always smaller....??? it is nonsense. My mares were 3 and 4 years at first foal and 15.3hh and 16.1hh. Stallion was 15.3hh Both produced 16.22hh! 15.3 mare has since had 15.1, 15.2, and 16.1 foals to various sires
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    CAIR? For or against?

    We have 8 cair saddles on the yard. All the horses who have them go well in them. We go to many competitions and the horses are mostly in the top 3. We have Bates Caprilli dresage, jumping and event. The event is the least popular amongst the riders. The SJ is the hardest to fit to riders...
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    Name help please..... he's nearly a year old!!!

    Ours have names waiting. Next one is Vladimir, Mother is Viatka brother is Vortigern. How about Brad or another hunk name...he is beautiful enough!
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    Full Livery - my rights with feed etc?

    I have horses in full livery and have run a competition livery yard. When I was YO I used to tell the owners what I thought and did as they wished unless it was completely nuts! As a 'customer' I expect to have my horses fed EXACTLY as I wish and this has never been a problem. You need to be...
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    One of my pupils has just won a simple dressage test on her mare. She has worked to learn to deal with this her first horse for TWO YEARS! I am so proud of her, she has never blamed her young horse for the struggle and has persisted with her lessons and it is all now worth it. As I bred the mare...
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    breeding, age suggestions - just out of interest????

    He's lovely! You have a real old fashioned type there! Big square horse with bags of presence. Maybe just a tad short in the neck? I'll have to swop for a psychotic Andalusian?
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    HELP very upset moondrop don't know what to do!!!! (warning very long)

    I know how this goes moondrop as we are up here too. There are one or two lads in inverness who are not at capacity and might travel for a bunch of you. Dont know the numbers, but there is a Spanish boy who I have watched shoeing and he is very good. I wll try and find his number for you.
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    Bumps all over skin... Allergic reaction?

    Weeds? Are they able to get weeds in the grazing or forage? Sorry, hadnt looked to see where you are... course it isnt summer there!