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    Saddle bank

    Hi sold my saddle last year with them excellent service I had an albion adusta
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    spooky dressage horse help

    Hi can anyone offer me any advise please at the end of my tether. don’t know what to do. I have owned my horse for a year now and he has always been spooky( in varying degrees) so not a new thing. we have had a break from competition over christmas and since then we have been out twice and i’m...
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    Area festivals prestige equestrian

    Hi has anyone on here been to the area festivals at prestige equestrian. are the winter area festivals usually run outside,I have watched a few youtube videos from previous years and they seem to be all outside. need to find some where were my spooky horse will have a fighting chance of going...
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    Looking for full/part livery newark lincoln area

    Hi thanks for you reply I don’t think she does livery anymore it’s more of a sales yard now
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    Looking for full/part livery newark lincoln area

    Hi sorry another livery thread I’m looking for full part livery lincoln newark area would prefer a competition type yard must have a school must have turnout and must provide the best care thanks in advance if you reply
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    Best way to give metformin!

    put them inside a jam sandwich My friend used to do this her horse was terrible at taking tablets from feed even crushed up😄😄
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    Neue Schule Loose Rings

    In my opinion you cannot beat a virbiden
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    New Yard! Help please !

    Hi yard 2 I would say children need another children to interact with and learn from each other and have fun I know people say I’d rather have more turn out ect,but same ponies tend to be prone to lami if there is too much grass so bear that in mind. I have been at a livery yard we’re there...
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    Livery yard trouble.

    Hi sorry to hear you have been having troubles it’s always so frustrating, I would be starting to look for else where. YO isn’t doing her job i’m afraid the deal breaker for me would have been finding out he had only been having one hard feed a day. I’m afraid she is just giving you lip service...
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    Am I a total bitch?

    Hi in theses unprecedented times the horse community should be pulling together. perhaps she did have a back up plan but something has happened. instead of calling her out perhaps you should offer to help.
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    Sick of horsey people

    Thanks Guys ❤️❤️
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    Sick of horsey people

    Hi folks just wanted to rant really I’m sick of people at the minute why do some people think they can say what they want. I have just sold my horse so may be feeling a tad sensative however I just wish people would keep there opinions to themselves unless asked for. As I was getting my horse...
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    Lost my confidence with one of my horses

    I would say it’s the professional making you lose your confidence not the horse😀😀 but have horse checked that it’s not in pain I would look for a trainer more sutiable for your requirments not the horses. horses don’t really care if they sj with a good trainer that will help you rebuild your...
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    livery wanted newark/lincoln

    Hi thanks Guys will have a look at them I have looked into oakridge not really sutiable as it closes at 5pm daily I don’t finish work untill 5:30 😢