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    Cheap Tubtrug copies - just wanted to warn everyone, they're rubbish!

    My copies are mostly broken handles too - purchased from local feed merchant and 2 from ebay. All my original ones are fine apart from the one that was slept on and consequently split!!! J
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    Very sad update on mare with rectal prolapse.

    RIP Pearl - at Rainbow Bridge - very sorry to hear. J xx
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    Congratulatons HG, Teddy and Mat!!!

    Shouldn't that be the in-famous HHO trio? Well done folks, really overjoyed for you.
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    How long did your horse/s live for?

    Sol - tb - found dead in field from snake bite at 35 (in Aus, don't worry!) Azucar - ASH/TB - PTS following eventing accident - 10 (me in hosp for 6 mths) Patches (i) - pinto - natural causes 27ish Dash - appaloosa - PTS - complications from Equine Recurrent Uveitis - ashes under favorite tree...
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    Lost my soulmate this evening

    Sent to me when I lost my boy last year......RIP Shandy with Beege at Rainbow Where To Bury A horse If you bury him in this spot, the secret of which you must already have, he will come to you when you call. Come to you over the far, dim pastures of death, And though you ride...
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    SHB(GB) Grading Today

    Well done to you all - how terrific is that!!!
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    Appy stallions

    If you contact Joy 07785 227708 She has appy stallion standing in Gloucestershire - have an idea it is Dirks Orion, or at least his son........then there is this one.. (he is really lovely and throws super foals....... or...
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    western saddle fit? (photo included)

    Saddle too long......think about what will happen to it when you put weight into it. Where are you located webbsy,. chances are I can put you in touch with a western saddle fitter in your area. Also check out Maria is great and travels all around. The...
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    Rain, rain and more rain

    Ditto here, in Glos, tipping it down - 3 of mine are out with field they use they heck!! They much prefer standing at the gate asking to come in when there is No room for them to come in hence the field shelter..........thinking of starting up a mud spa ......... or...
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    Really unsure what to do..... HELP PLEASE!!!!!

    Walk away - unless you have a bottomless pit of money you aren't mentioning.......he is nice.....but it will only cause heartache in the long run when you are attached to him and want to help him but can't afford to have a large, expensive lawn ornament.
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    Strangles Vaccine.

    We made the HUGE mistake of having our mare vaccinated when there was an outbreak on a yard next to our first choice of trainer.........took her over 6 months to 'recover' from them. She was very unwell immediately after the first and was obviously not right in herself - she was dull...
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    Foster Mare scandal

    We were offered several foster mares from this sort of route last year when we had an orphan foal - one fellow even offered to ship a mare from Ireland for us. I saw one of these setups - all the foals were raised in barns with feeders set up and 24hour supervision - they even had nanny horses...
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    Looking for an Equitrek -advice please!

    They come up on quite regularly too - keep an eye..... there is one on there now!!
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    I never thought it would come to this :-(((

    Good idea about the driving - start with long reining from behind - I walked my boy miles doing that when I couldn't face getting on him. He got fit, got out, and I got exercise and spent time with win if you ask me.
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    Flatwork clinics - Glos/Hfds/Worcs?

    Just a thought, why not give Mat_B a txt or pM him and see if he will run one..........that way you get exactly what you are wanting. I am sure my Lavender would LOVE to attend.