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    Comberton Clancy - is it true? :-(

    I have only just 'heard' about this post and I simply wanted to give my heartfelt condolences to FMM, your sister and all Comberton Clancy's connections, such a sad loss of a beautiful horse, and one who was clearly very much loved. I enjoy FMM's posts and the over riding impression I get is...
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    Ava is FIVE Weeks Today! PICS

    Oh bless him, she is very lucky to have a nice Uncle :)
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    Ava is FIVE Weeks Today! PICS

    She's lovely! Charlie looks less than impressed though :)
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    How hard can it be?

    I am going to sound a bit weird now :o If it's a well grazed field and I can't find the offending shoe (and I seem to be lucky at finding them generally) I find lying flat on the ground, so you are looking at the ground sort of at eye level nearly always works. They seem to sort of stick up...
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    cant believe i am gonna ask but what colour?

    He looks very like my highland did as a foal, maybe a little greyer. Mine was more beige :) About 6 months old He is grey dun, parents both grey and I cannot find out their base colour. I think mine would be black probably, but he has dun and grey too. His dun is gradually fading...
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    Buckskin or Dun?

    Duns will always have a dorsal stripe, buckskins 'can' have a stripe,but it is called countershading and is not a true dorsal stripe. Dorsal stripes are very crisp and have clearly defined edges, countershading is usually less defined. Generally, in this country the only equines you'll see...
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    A question on punishment...

    The problem here is that she is pawing the ground to get your attention. Even telling her off is giving her that attention.I had a persistent door kicker who drove me mad at feed time. Each time he kicked the door as I got near him, I turned and walked away. Eventually he twigged and hasn't...
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    Colour Experts....

    He can't be dilute if neither of his parents are, though I guess mum 'could' be smokey black; it is often hard to tell by looking. A friend had an apparently jet black Section D who produced a palomino foal with a non dilute stallion, it was quite a surprise! Your foal looks pretty typical of...
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    appaloosa experts - colour Q

    I'm not an expert by any means but you are right,it is complex. My old boy stayed pretty much the same from when I got him until he died, he was a leopard spot (in my avatar). It will depend if he carries the varnish gene I think. Have the current owners had him long? If they've had him a while...
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    Highland crosses?

    Where's the watcher? We need pictures of her beautiful highland/Tobago crosses,they are simply stunning. I just have a ordinary highland so no help at all.
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    Highland filly: What height will she be?

    Mine was 13.1 hands at 2, maybe 13.2. He is now finished (probably!)at just about 14.1. She's lovely! She does look pretty tall for a 2 year old to me! Do you know her parents heights? The breeder I bought mine off told me he would be 14.0 to 14.1 and she was spot on.
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    Making a 'fat track' round your paddocks ?

    I do it, although not in the same way as the book, i.e I don't have lots of different surfaces. I have two tracks, one on 11/2 acres ish, one on about 3. Works like a dream for two porky natives. I do have to be careful in winter as they can get very boggy, I usually end up sacrificing one of...
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    World Horse Welfare FB petition - please read!!

    Signed and shared
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    Help with keeping poultice on!!!!

    Find yourself a tyre inner tube, if you don't have one try Kwikfit or any tyre place. Cut a big circle then a few slits from the outer edge as in as far as where the bottom of the hoof will be. Put normal poultice on (nappies are fab), an old sock will help hold the poultice in place then vet...
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    Foal Soon? PLEASE!

    Congratulations, lovely foal :) Well done Una!