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    A sad farewell 🌈

    That really was the best £1,000 (well done gran). What a lovely girl, you can tell when a horse is loved. They know it as well.
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    Bitey dogs

    I meet 2 giant Schnauzers when out with my dog. They are seriously lovely.
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    Pony - short legs and farrier

    I would say he is finding it too high.
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    Cost of 6 string Heston hay bales

    My supplier has said £65. Wales
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    £1.20 in February.
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    Rider/PL insurance: what's everyone doing?

    I'm WHW. I was with the BHS and wanted to continue but the whole bullying/toxic environment within the society put me off.
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    Remaining (in person) horse sales in Britain

    llanybydder on 30th. Entries are on their FB page and there is also a FB group. I think it is £10 entry now. I will probably go.
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    Bit of a random question but ... (water buckets)

    Both horses here like light blue.
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    Being dragged into a really iffy situation

    Ridiculous situation. Both theories are flawed because nobody saw anything. Theory 1 - Unless someone saw it happen, they won't know who kicked who. It is absolutely tragic (poor horse) but if you turn your horse out with another you are accepting the risk that either during play or a punch...
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    Another dog attack

    That look is chilling.
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    Yard rules

    There used to be a magazine called Stable Management. They used to visit a different yard every month and write up in great detail how it was run. It was really interesting and gave lots of insider tips about how a top class yard was run, I think your yard would have been one of the ones they...
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    Pit Bulls

    Denial is the worst thing because the next thing will happen for sure, because they are not on high alert for the unexpected. They are still keeping their cats in a house with a dog that hates cats but they are going to wait until disaster strikes before making a decision - are they mad? I...
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    Pretending I belong in this section of the site...

    Me too, I love the Lynx and Zambezi designs.
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    P’s next Q! Hay

    Can you hedge your bets and have half and half? The other guy may well want a decision today but I dare say he will wait and if not there will be another to take his place.
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    Beware old riding hats

    I love the warning label... bet it didn't say "do not wear when full of wasps".