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    most insane pony I have ever seen?!

    That pony is AMAZING! Looks incredibly fun to ride and that jump - wow! :eek::D
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    Arghhh pinworm :(

    I am battling against pinworm in my herd also! :mad: Before I spend a vast amount of money on wasted wormers though, I am just concentrating on getting rid of it from one of my horses atm. I ve tried the 5 day course of panacur and my test mare is still scratching so thats not worked. My next...
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    Finance companies for horsebox

    Hi Guys I am looking at getting a new second hand horsebox around the 10k mark, has to carry 4 and have living. Seen a few I like but I would need some sort of finance package. Does anyone have any experience/ dealings on this subject? Thanks x
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    Rubber matting fork

    I didnt even know rubber matting forks even existed! lol :rolleyes: Ive got rubber matting down in my stables and have never had any problems with using a metal fork/shovel/shavings fork. :) Could only see it being a problem if your matting is really really thin :confused: but then it...
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    Joint supplement's for older dogs?

    Hi Guys Ive got a couple of older dogs, my retriever bitch who is 9yrs old and my great dane bitch who is 7yrs old. Ive noticed this winter they are getting a bit slower at getting up and generally a bit stiff all over. My great dane Gemma is also groaning a lot when she settles down. Ive...
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    Leyland Daf mystery button???

    I have several unknown bottoms in my Daf aswell!! haha :D Though mine are between the seats behind the air brakes.....
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    Anyone elses horse moulting at the moment?

    Bay hair everywhere over here! :p Crazy! :)
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    FIELDS! A YO verses livery perspective

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Exactly this! I have had to restrict grazing this winter for my liveries. Last winter they where out from 8am - 4pm, this winter its 11am - 2pm. I have even taken the majority of my own horses of the land completely and am turning out in my school aswell as riding. Luckily the...
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    Shes NOT a thoroughbred!!!!

    My american TB gets called a WB and my hanovarian mare gets called a TB. My ID has been mistaken for every kind of draft horse under the sun except an ID because he is so big. :)
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    Without wanting to upset!! ? about PTS!

    Ive always had my horses PTS by injection, but this is more due to the circumstances around it. My mare was PTS on the operating table and her foal was PTS in her stable. Both died from C.Diff and her foal was already very weak so didnt fight it. A rescue I had, had an accident in his stable and...
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    Bl**dy horse!! grrrrrrrr

    I can laugh about it now, but at the time I wanted to kill him. lol :p
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    Bl**dy horse!! grrrrrrrr

    Pointless post really! lol :)
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    Bl**dy horse!! grrrrrrrr

    Went to go worm the 3 boys who are living out today, my home bred gelding Charlie and my mums 2 Merlin & Smokie. Charlie and Merlin where no problem then it came to Smokie. As soon as he saw me turn in his direction he b*****ed off! :mad: For 15 mins I was trying to catch him in knee deep mud...
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    Setting up a yard - business plan?

    You need to think about the possibility of not being full aswell. What happens if your short a cpl liveries, would you be able to afford the stables sitting empty? Even if you where full I think you would struggle to break even and its a lot of hassle for no return.
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    Oh God, this is going to sound mental...

    ^^^^^^ this! lol :D Not made my mind up on the whole animal communicator thing yet. One of my friends is training to be one and I asked her to talk to my mare when she came up to visit. I told her to ask how my mare had received the scars on her back leg but my mare supposedly didnt know my...