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    Percy is a yearling!

    How lovely that he's in such a chilled herd!
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    Pit Bulls

    I was hoping to read that a lovely bunch of flowers had arrived from your niece.
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    Should I move my horse to my boyfriend's?

    I'd take the sole use yard so that your horse has company. As for I was told the same about my retired hens not laying eggs. I asked what use his non-working dog was. That ended that line of thinking.
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    Good luck...

    I was very lucky last week. I've been looking for a particular bike for awhile. I'd resigned myself to waiting for the 2023 version coming later this year. Meanwhile I had an eBay search running as well as trawling Marketplace. I'd found one on Marketplace but it sold within 30 minutes! Last...
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    Pit Bulls

    I'm pretty sure that if I had had such a dog and I was living with a parent/s that I would have been told that the dog had to be PTS. That wouldn't have been necessary because I would already have taken responsibility and had the dog PTS. If anything worse happens I wonder if your sister would...
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    Barking in morning

    Get up before 07.30? :)
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    Vets want people to stop buying Bulldogs

    The reception area/social club of a local vet is akin to a clique and in my limited experience I would say that having a dog with medical needs was part of the attraction and in consequence being part of a club of like minded owners.
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    Pony share at stables

    What is your general location? Someone may be able to suggest alternatives.
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    Pony share at stables

    So it's child labour plus £30 in exchange for one hour's riding. I'm stunned. I'd look for something more suited to him somewhere else ie some riding, some simple tasks like grooming his pony, tack cleaning after his ride and some hanging out with a pony for significantly fewer hours per day
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    Maiden mare

    The important thing is that you did find an amazing beautiful caring mother and neither of them will be thinking as you are!
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    Yard drama

    Well this set up isn't working for you now. It looks unlikely to change. So come winter when you are pregnant and later when you have the responsibility of your baby it most definitely won't work. If this was me I would find a yard that will suit me, my horse and my family and move. No need for...
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    Maiden mare

    I think this is what is just so heart warming. Your commitment has never wavered and it has all come good for you all. Well done! Lovely photos and what a beautiful mare Poppy is. Perfect for your beautiful foal. I'm so glad that you are sharing your journey with us.
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    Maiden mare

    Wonderful news. A great start to the day. Looking forward to seeing her grow up x
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    Bramham horse trials accident

    I feel like crying, poor horses
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    Maiden mare

    Thinking of you all today and wishing you success x