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    pony kicking when mounting and more

    Did you see and ride the pony before you bought him? I'm guessing not so did you see a video of him handled, saddled, mounted, ridden and dismounted from? Was he vetted? Your OP reads as though you were trying to get on from the ground. He may be used to being mounted from a mounting block...
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    Rant - The Current Dog 'Pandemic'

    No photos?!
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    Rant - The Current Dog 'Pandemic'

    'One is not enough. I'll take them both'
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    Minor Irritations

    Even Teddy Edward, my childhood teddy bear, is he.
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    People who let their dogs cock their legs over everything 😡

    It rained here today so at last the many pee stains have been washed off the pavements
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    Holidays for reactive dogs
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    Owner of yard bossiness

    How much is the OP paying?
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    How much is a reasonable rent for field and stables?

    Yes that's reasonable but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want anything to do with someone who
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    Ahem...lady area (downstairs hair!) and riding........

    You don't need to bring it up. He isn't scared to bring it up control you so be strong and take back control of your own body.
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    Broncing after jump/saddle fit

    Are you getting him his own saddle?
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    After 11 riding lessons

    Years ago I watched a short video of Mary Rose FBHS teaching a competent young rider who kicked the pony and seemed not to be able to anything different with their legs. To help the rider understand how such kicking felt at halt she asked the rider to rest the reins on the neck and put their...
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    Pictures Five years of Mary and Flower's first time ridden

    I have a very soft spot for Flower and Mary and I've always loved your updates. You've done them proud and they you. Is Sheepie still around? The property in photo 2: is that your livery yard or a random unloved property?
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    Gates out hacking

    Or get off at the first one, walk for 10 minutes and remount after closing the 5th gate. Perhaps the landowner would permit a simple mounting stand ie a plank secured to the top of 2 ground posts near the first and last gates
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    Pictures What are these things called? Photo
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    'Open stables'?

    I went to a riding school where the horses lived in stalls all through the winter months apart from coming out for lessons 6 days a week and on their day off they were taken to the indoor school for a 30 minute loose fling around. While they had hay in their stalls they didn't have water. This...