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    Loaner wants to buy horse

    I paid £1750 for similar in 2015, 13yo with affiliated comp record but not quite sane ;) plus I'm in Scotland. She has cost me about 10x that in get fees the 4 years since then but that's by the by. I think in your position I'd sell if you're happy with the home.
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    Pictures Over 70% for ponies first ever dressage test!!

    Congratulations. She looks lovely :)
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    So this happened yesterday

    Well done, he is looking fab. I really, really admire the work and dedication that you've put in, absolutely hats off to you.
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    Storing ladder in stable

    I wouldn't risk it unless you were absolutely certain that he couldn't reach. I store rugs on hooks in my mare's stable and 9 times out of 10 she leaves them alone but some days I do come up to her having knocked one down. I'd hate to think of a metal folding ladder coming down on top of her or...
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    What to do with owner of horse i loan going against us

    I echo what everyone else has said OP, you need to sit down with the owner of the horse and find out exactly what your arrangement is. £25 a week, plus stable chores 7 days a week (am I reading that correctly) plus paying for all shoeing costs is not fair if two other people are riding the...
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    I have to sell my pony

    LW, I have read your posts on this thread with tears in my eyes, I’m so very sorry that this is happening to you, that you have been treated so badly and are feeling so lost. Really glad to hear a note of positivity creeping back in with your latest update. I really hope you can find the...
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    Wits End with Colic and more colic

    I really feel for you. I have one that is very prone to gassy colic on grass. Last year was my first summer in three years of owning her that I managed to keep her out on a huge grassy field like a normal horse, with a combination of muzzling and bringing in for a couple of hours during the day...
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    Poles poles poles

    I think he looks like he is working quite nicely, if ever so slightly on the forehand a little. I do the same as you, wander/jog/gallop around the school with my must give my YO quite a laugh if she ever sees me.
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    Disappointing First Outing with New Pony

    Not my first ever outing no, just first outing for us as a combination. Thank you for your kind comments, I will certainly be practicing at home as much as possible but I think the only thing that will make it a big difference to her is repetition of going out and having a positive experience...
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    Disappointing First Outing with New Pony

    Thanks Walrus, the more I think about it the more positive I feel! :)
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    Disappointing First Outing with New Pony

    Thank you and good luck! I only expected a comment as every other show I have been to I have received comments, additionally the same judge was commenting on horses in other classes, so why would I not expect the same? Yes she was a part bred in a M&M class but as I said above, I wasn't...
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    Disappointing First Outing with New Pony

    She is only the third horse I have ever taken out anywhere. My first was already BS experienced when I got her so no problem despite being an absolute firecracker, my second had no experience and surprisingly settles like a duck to water everywhere we take her despite being a spooky nervous...
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    Pictures And now for something completely different...? (Well there's no prefix for it, anyway!)

    Awesome, that sounds like a great day! love the photos
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    Disappointing First Outing with New Pony

    It was arena-based Ester yes, and very cramped in the warm up, plus a big class! As Fiona mentioned, I might have found it easier to control her ridden rather than in hand.
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    Disappointing First Outing with New Pony

    Thank you this is good advice, unfortunately I wouldn't have been able to put it into practice yesterday as there were no quiet parts of the car park. I had vastly underestimated how busy the show would be which is my fault. Fingers crossed I can find some quieter outings to put this into practice.