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    Clipper recommendations for feathers

    Looking for recommendations of clippers for fairly heavy cob feathers, as cheap as possible that will do a good job :) Literally only needed for summer to take feathers off so need best value. Thanks :)
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    Another yard boot thread but need recent opinions!

    I'm a size 6, will have a look on other sites though. Are they about true to size? :)
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    Another yard boot thread but need recent opinions!

    Hi guys, I'm really struggling to find some yard/work boots for the Winter that will manage what I need them to! Our fields get very muddy and I'm on my feet all day, so they need to withstand deep mud throughout the day, be fully waterproof for regular hosing off, warm, and not split!! I...
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    ideas for medicating fussy cushings pony

    This exact thing has happened with all 4 of ours on prascend, they'll take it in something for a few days then refuse it, and you run out of things eventually! One of ours will eat it in an apple just now but the other 3 we just have to put it in and make sure they don't spit it out. They're all...
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    Manchester Dogs Home Fire Update: we have just been told by Greater Manchester Police that up to 43 animals are believed to have died in the fire. GMP also confirm they have arrested a male youth on suspicion of arson. He is in police custody being questioned...
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    Hello to Goodbye! :)

    Yes! We also did this before I left!
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    Hello to Goodbye! :)

    Yesterday was my last day working at the rescue centre before I move to do my Masters so I took a photo with my little terror. First time I met her at a couple of weeks old and then just over 2 years later saying goodbye! Her expression is the same haha :D Will miss all the animals a lot :(...
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    Snowy the Shetland went to a Show!!

    Oh that is SO cute!! :D
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    PLEASE check your fencing and drive carefully in this weather.

    Guys please read this addition to the above post! (I've edited this post as people have assumed the driver was speeding and didn't stop - that is not true - he was on his way to a funeral and he gave me his details. It was a tragic accident and lucky nobody else was killed. I shared this to...
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    How lovely :D
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    How long do you leave feeds mixed for?

    We make when we feed too, so about 10 mins. I wouldn't think it would hurt to leave them overnight, but I'd think it would be less appetising :p
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    PLEASE check your fencing and drive carefully in this weather.

    A facebook friend lost her beloved horse Sam today after a fallen tree broke his fencing and he was hit by a car. :( She would like this shared as if it makes just one person check their fences again, or drive more carefully, it is worth it. "I can't keep this post on my timeline as I can't...
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    Anyone here have a rescue horse? What's your story!

    Ours are all on here with their stories :)
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    Your HHO Journey...

    I joined ages ago too! I've also learned so so much, probably more than I realise as well! Had some great advice but mainly I just enjoy sharing our animals stories and photos :) I was probably a bit of an annoying teenager when I first joined, I remember being involved in several of the "no...