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    Mark Todd AirMesh Combo Rug

    I have just bought this rug! First time on tonight! Hoping for good results :)
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    premier equine rugs

    I just don't know what to do. I have always been anti fly rugs but my new horse is suffering with fly bites so think it would be best to get her one. I want the lightest weight one possible. I liked the look of the PE Superlite fly rug but can't find it anywhere in stock. Heard good...
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    premier equine rugs

    Thank you :) There are too many choices! Now the Rambo sweetitch Hoodie has caught my eye! :)
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    premier equine rugs

    Thanks everyone :) I now have a dilemma! Because she is bordering 6"6 not sure whether to go for 6"3 or 6"! :)
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    premier equine rugs

    Hi How generous are the premier equine rugs? My new horse is 6"3 bordering on 6"6. Tried a friends 6"3 Mark Todd fly rug on her tonight and not too bad length but no generous enough for her shoulders. What would you advise? Thanks :)
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    Would you always be present at PPE's?

    As mentioned in another post I am having a horse 5 stage vetted this week. I cannot be present due to work and the fact she is about 140 miles away! :( I am worried about not being present but I have got a vet unassociated with the seller and they have promised to be in phone contact and...
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    How many viewings before you found the one!

    Thank you :) Good luck for tonight! Hope all goes well :) It is traumatic searching lol :D I have travelled 100's of miles just for 3! It was impossible to find something local! Spent half my horsey budget on diesel! LOL
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    How many viewings before you found the one!

    Just wondered how many viewings are the average to find your horse? Also, if you found the one and it failed the vetting, did it put you off getting another vetted? I have looked at 3 and last weekend found a lovely horse who is getting 5 stage vetted this week. I never usually stress...
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    Horsey Shopping anyone?

    Hi Please If anyone fancies helping me do a bit of horsey shopping I would appreciate any help as I am struggling to find something :) I have a back/neck problem so need to find something safe (not worried if forward/fizzy) but that will not throw me about in the saddle so no...
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    Your user name.............

    My dad who is scottish used to sing the old song 'Ali Bali Ali Bali Beee sitting on yer mammys knee, greetin for a wee bawbee, tae buy some coulters candy' just stuck :)
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    Potential sharer for dressage horse

    Thanks for all of your advice. It makes total sense. I will no doubt have many more questions if this does seem like it's the way to go so I appreciate your help. I can't bear the thought of him going anywhere :( so seems like this could be the best situation :) should the worst happen.
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    Potential sharer for dressage horse

    Thanks for your reply :) I wish you were nearer me too!!! My friend who rides my horse for me says she feels like Carl Hester when she rides him so Springsteen has some magical genes :) Maybe I should ask for a small contribution. I would definitley get a legal agreement drawn up...
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    Potential sharer for dressage horse

    I have a query for all you CR Riders :) I am due to get back in the saddle again in a few weeks after another few months off (due to a arthritic condition I have) Because of the problems I have had before I am probably being pessimistic but it is likely that I will have the same problems...
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    BE- Volunteering- Events that look after their helpers?

    Little Downham are great! A friend and I also do Burghley and I have to say you are not looked after at all!!!!!!!!!
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    Disgusted with Frogpool manor .com

    Also get in touch with your local trading standards. Good Luck.