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    A dog that isn't a nuisance/danger around small animals

    I'd also recommend avoiding Terriers ours is 'good' around small furries but I wouldn't trust her 100% as if they move quickly she does twitch! Our lab on the other hand is lovely and would tick your boxes! We have spent alot of time training her!!
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    Labrador Retriever Health Predispositions

    Done !
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    Advice about rehoming please

    If you could pm me more info we might be interested, I know not ideal as i'm a stranger on the internet but happy to give references/stay in touch should she be suitable.
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    Another vetting on Thurs...wish me luck

    Good Luck today!! And happy birthday to those who have birthdays too :)
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    Puppy watch thread?

    I may have to block this thread! How cutteee!
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    Breeding - things to consider?

    Following with interest as we have a lab we'd like to breed from - would be a maiden at 3. Solely for the purpose of keeping a Pup! Finding this thread very interesting!
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    Cecil 9 months

    My terrier has been renamed Pig, she answers to this now and doesn't really answer to her Christian name (Lulu). Terriers are exceptional little creatures and yours sounds utterly fabulous!
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    Car dilemma - keep going round in circles. Advice pls!

    Yes! Ask away :)
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    Car dilemma - keep going round in circles. Advice pls!

    We've just bought a VW Touareg and absolutely love it! Highly recommend!
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    He’s here…

    He is rather handsome Clodagh! I do not envy you with the puppy life though. How are the girls finding having a boy around?
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    Today’s quiz (for those of you with nothing better to do) 🙃

    Definitely A!! and always start on the left - but I am right handed 🤔
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    How’s everyone’s tree standing up?

    I haven't put one up yet! :rolleyes::rolleyes:
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    Where do you bath your dog?

    Terrier goes in the utility sink, the lab is done outside - we had a hot tap installed out there.
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    Training old dog to sleep downstairs

    I moved my dog downstairs when we moved into our first house. Would babygate the top of the stairs then start by moving his bed onto the landing for a couple of days or until settled then slowly move away. Then to bottom of stairs (gate the bottom) and finally to where you'd like the bed to be.
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    Should I?

    Just here for the kitten pics.....