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    Treating SI arthritis in human riders - options?

    I have an unstable SI, I have found a pelvic belt a HUGE help at reducing flare ups. Serolla belt will be about £30. I have 2, a yard one and a hiking one. Long term it's like any other joint, the more you can strengthen surrounding structures the better.
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    Anyone else sprained their foot/ankle whilst riding?

    Broke my ankle trotting my horse up, he wasn't lame, I was...
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    Shows not cancelled 2021?

    Very glad that the circumstances changed and it is going ahead. No need to try and put me down. I had first hand knowledge at the time.
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    Oh god - Lockdown Ebay accident...

    Oh I'm very jealous of the hacking crop!
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    New Horse Settling in.

    I'm with your yard manager. A bond can be developed but horses need routine and riding is part of that, riding IMO often helps horses settle as it helps them focus on you and not the surrounds for a bit. I've always started working with mine day 2 (with one I rode him the day he arrived)
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    Injury claim advice

    A word of caution - others have said clearly about dealing through your insurers BUT (and please see all of the below as Devils advocate) Accepted practice doesn't mean automatic acceptance of risk by the party using the route. This is part of the issue with footpaths and livestock etc. You...
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    Cleveland Bays and Cleveland bay X's - tell me about them please!

    I wouldn't go for a pure bred, I've known 2. Both 'bullish', jumped like stink, when they wanted and tanked like trains. Both died young, one through arthritis/pain/pelvis and the other through a sudden brain bleed.
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    Horses that don't mind being left alone....?

    My guy isn't bothered on his own, I try not to leave him for long but he's last out and rarely bothered when I get there.
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    is there a call for a freelance equine nutritionist?

    I use one, there is a very popular one in my area. Bonuses are she has a very wide product knowledge. She has been able to explain the benefits of any changes she has suggested. Feed companies that I have had in the past have been ok but waffle and cover questions like politicians
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    Feeling nerves viewing yards ?

    Definitely! I moved for YO issues and I kept telling like I was about to be caught out and what giving notice would be etc etc. Unknown is scary. Perfectly normal but the end result will be worth it. I enjoy my horse more and feel like a weight has been lifted.
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    Air Jackets . . . .

    Picture the scene, after galloping up and down Redcar beach madly in March a couple of years back we were wading back in just enough water not to be touching our tummy. Rogue wave hits my old Arnie's belly, Arnie shoots up all 4 feet in the air, to me completely out of the blue, I ping off, air...
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    Air Jackets . . . .

    I have the hit air, for me the extra pelvis protection swung me. If it's fitted properly it shouldn't cause any neck issues, mine has deployed 3 times, no issues and I have a very short neck. You don't wear it tight so it is still loose. I wear a super baggy zip up hi viz, or as others have...
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    What do you miss about DIY, what do you miss about Full?

    I was on 5/2 ('full' no riding Mon-Fri). What I miss about full - not having to poo pick. What I don't miss - the cost, fitting in around the yard times, at that particular yard the atmosphere and poor grazing. What I'd miss about DIY - everything but the poo picking! I'm a real convert. I...
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    Feeding youngstock - I’m confused

    It really is wholly dependent on the quality of the forage (pasture and hay) and how well they do on it. My Clydesdale is a really poor doer, and a poor eater - he is currently out in the day and in at night, completely adlib hay in a wheelie bin and he only goes through a small bale every 2 to...
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    Wide stirrup leathers (Pravin or other)

    Actually that kind of makes sense, I hadn't thought about that angle of stability, I was thinking more 'swinging'