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    lightning & horses

    I leave mine out, the last time we had a really bad storm at this time of year it continued for over 2 hours of almost constant thunder/ lightning during a slight lull I ran outside to look at mine, feeling rather guilty they were out in it naked, only to find them in the middle of the field...
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    Showing a part bred Section D

    And a fair bit of the tail, she will look so much smarter once you get it all done.
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    Showing a part bred Section D

    She is not really of traditional type so should be plaited and trimmed to show properly and in my view would look very smart presented as a hunter pony so would be worth putting in the work to get her ready but if only going to a local show for fun you could just take her as she is and accept...
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    Very difficult youngster

    That would be my first thought, foals can get ulcers through stress at weaning time and this has had the extra stress of being kept in alone at a time when it needed company more than anything else, get it scoped before doing anything else and hope that if it has them the mental trauma has not...
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    Correct “neck attire” with tweed?

    Either a coloured stock or shirt and tie will be correct.
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    Groundwork problems with other handlers - advice needed please

    It sounds as if he has 'trained' you into working on his terms, this is not a negative thing but does mean anyone who is not on the same wavelength and may be a bit lacking confidence will not be able to deal with him, clicker training may help but only if your mum is quick enough and confident...
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    Do dressage judges care if...

    It is important that competitors know the basic rules as from time to time even judges/ stewards get them wrong, a few years ago I was writing at BE and the steward then the judge tried to eliminate a competitor for having a black square, it was only because I insisted it was fine and that a...
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    Making the Decision to Give Up Horses

    It is an expensive hobby and having 3 that require time, effort and money put in with little coming back is enough to make many people think about giving up, if I were in this situation I would probably cut back by finding homes for the shetlands, pts if that is the kindest option, then see if...
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    horse failed vetting but vet told to re-vet in a week..

    I agree. I thought from the OP it was going to be a cheaper horse that was left far too long between shoeing and if that had been the case I would have gone along with the option of vetting again, with the full info as a buyer I would walk away, as a seller I would be getting investigations...
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    Bits (tack!)

    You are not going to find a dressage legal bit with leverage, this is showing that while he seemed to go well in the previous bit it was not a genuine acceptance or outline but a fixed one because the bit gave him no option but to drop into a false outline possibly behind the contact so he...
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    Failed vetting again

    There is more info in this thread which clarifies things a bit, I would walk away from this horse because you want to event, he is not yet proven and he sounds like a very smart type that should be expensive so not worth the risk of losing the money as you will not be covered by insurance if...
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    Hunter or riding horse

    At local level there are very few, if any, hack classes so RH makes sense, the turnout for the horse is much the same for both although the rider in RH usually wears tweed whereas hacks are shown in navy jackets, if she could squeeze under 158cm she could be a useful small RH but at local level...
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    Livery - Somerset

    I might know of somewhere very near SM if you want to send a pm with a bit of info about the horses and their requirements I will let you know more.
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    Stamping and kicking when tied up and in lorry

    It depends on the horse and why it is kicking, many are stressed and getting cross will be counter productive so other solutions need looking into, a few are just impatient and it is best to load and move off they usually learn to settle and become less impatient, I think the main thing is to...
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    Would you hack 4 miles road work to a jumping or flatwork lesson?

    I don't think it is too much for a fit horse to do about an 1/12 hours hacking plus a lesson in one day, one of my liveries will often hack for an hour or so and have a lesson the same day and we think nothing of it.