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    New silly word game.

    As replay
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    Maybe found a problem to water in paddock freezing

    I had mine about 3/4 full.
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    Maybe found a problem to water in paddock freezing

    Salt water in plastic bottles floating on the top. You need some water in them so they don't just blow away, and to keep them bobbing about. The salt lowers the freezing point and prevents the water in the bottles freezing. There was some ice, but it was thin enough for the horses to break it...
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    Best way to clean kk ultra bits

    If you want 'as new', then I soak them in white vinegar (not for long!) and polish with toothpaste on the mouthpiece, Brasso on the rings.
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    Can I feed grass clippings to my horse?

    The racing yard I worked in fed hand-pulled grass with each feed. I'd pull it, rather than cut it and feed as soon as possible afterwards.
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    tennis balls

    Could he have got sand up there? That might well cause some irritation, especially if he is a bit on the sensitive side.
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    Happy tail

    I had a greyhound with a skinned tail tip. It was about an inch each side and opened up every time he hit something with it - which happened a lot! We even had blood on the ceiling. It was looking like he would have to have an amputation, but someone suggested skincure, and as I had nothing...
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    I know its silly but....

    "However she is almost not the dog I knew...However I hate that she rarely wags her tail now." I think you know what to do. It is so hard, but it is worse to feel you left it too long.
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    Worried about Daisy

    Get her checked over, just in case. My dog had an emergency visit due to nausea and hypersalivation. She was virtually back to normal by the time the vet saw her and he said there wasn't anything wrong. A coupe of weeks later, she was salivating and looking nauseous again, then she collapsed...
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    Singing Dogs

    My collie x lab loved a good saxophone sound. New designer breed - Jazzhound?
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    Singing Dogs

    Many years ago, the landlord of the pub in the village I was living in at the time, invited a busker he saw performing in town to play in the pub. Said busker turned up, armed with a guitar, harmonica and a lurcher that sang the harmonies. Different....
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    This makes me so angry

    We paid over the odds for a badly put together, little cob mare with untreated PPID, recent laminitis, feather mites and sweet itch. She came from a budget dealer (nothing wrong with the dealer) in a bit of a state (probably stress related), having only been with them a few weeks. She is in...
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    Post images of all your Horse‘s Veterinary Conditions

    Call a vet? It could be a few different things.
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    Aaaargh!! Hoof boot rub, help please?

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    Opinions of sand as a school surface please

    Not all sands are the same. There are many different types and grades available, some much more suitable than others.