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    How far do you travel to compete, and what do you consider local

    For training I consider under 30 minutes local. That said I have a few venues 20 mins or less away that are fab so I don't really need to go further afield. For eventing we are very lucky and have 13 venues that are under 1hr 30 away and 20 venues which are no further than 1hr 45 away. I...
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    Avacello gel bit guards

    I have mine on a universal bit currently and have also got them onto other bits such as an American gag. They are fab :). Soak them in warm water for a couple of mins before you try and put them on, will make it much easier. :).
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    Contender breeding- anybody had event horses from contender ...

    I'm currently looking for a youngster with potential to do Int in the future, to hopefully eventually be my big mare's successor. My trainer who is very good at selecting and producing young event horses said very similar regarding the xc phase. If you want to send one to a pro to produce then...
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    Sprenger bow balance stirrups

    Totally worth the £££. Stay on your foot well, lovely wide treads and no more painful dodgy ankle/knee that even used to carry on hurting hours after finishing riding. Really notice the difference on landing from jumps and if horse jinks/spooks quickly and your weight gets thrown down one leg...
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    Challenging Chatsworth CIC***

    What a fab result! I walked the World Cup course as well as the Novice which I was supposed to be doing :(, and saw most of the courses in between. I'm struggling to imagine ever wanting to ride at a lot of the jumps/combinations the WC course contained! To have such a solid confident xc round...
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    List of things your horse DIDN'T spook at?

    Big baby ginge didn't spook at...having her buddies roaming round in the field next to the arena for the first time whilst she was ridden, but did spook at her OWN FART! :D :D
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    Recommend me some electrolytes please

    Mine are on Dodson & Horrell ones, just a scoop a day (a scoop & 1/2 if evented) to help replace lost salts from sweating. The D&H are very good value for money, have fed to 4 different horses at various times and all have eaten it in feed with no bother.
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    Point 2 Pro Air

    I remember being given a percentage off discount flyer thing on Point 2 at Solihull, will see if I can locate it though may have binned it as I already have jacket and enough canisters to be getting on with!
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    Mares vs geldings. Can't believe I'm converted

    I used to have geldings as was taught when younger that geldings were 'simpler' and 'easier' to have/ ride. However once older and with more experience I discarded this notion and by chance ended up with a mare. I now have 3 mares and all are fabulous! All have different personalities, and I...
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    Chatsworth- staying over, including horse! Recommedations please

    Oh thats a shame :(. Where did you find ballot list please? Its not coming up for me on bdwp.
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    Chatsworth- staying over, including horse! Recommedations please

    How do you know? I keep refreshing but ballot lists don't seem to be up yet :(
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    Belated Burnham Market Novice Report

    Thanks LJR. Mil1212 thats exactly what I consoled myself with :). Sounds like despite using a super ballot sticker we may not make the Chatsworth ballot so we shall see! But yes ganging up sounds like a plan! :D
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    Belated Burnham Market Novice Report

    Thanks all, can't seem to get the SJ vid to work, have asked friend to email it me :). Tarrsteps you are right, in hindsight I should have collared someone to ask them to lower it. Joyous, I will be the one looking a beautiful shade of green! Armchair rider you would make your millions! Can I be...
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    Belated Burnham Market Novice Report

    Burnham was my first ever outing at a BE Novice and taught me several things. Firstly, don't expect to be able to communicate with the outside world whilst in Norfolk. Secondly - never try and sleep with puppies in the lorry. Thirdly, there is seemingly no limit to the number of pringles one can...
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    What are the top 5 items you take to competitions?

    Asides from the basics (horse & regular tack/ rider kit) 1 would have to be an FMBs Activomed combi pro rug. Its invaluable for warming up my horses muscles prior to competing and relaxing them when cooling down after. Its used when we arrive whilst studding up, and when I finish, as well as...