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    Hi Was wondering if anybody could help.... I am doing work for college and need to write about the development of the jump position throughout time, if anyone has some ideas let me know it would be VERy much appreciated!
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    What's your favourite breed/type?

    Cobs, cobs and oh...COBS especially sexy coloured ones!!
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    turnout rugs

    premier equine international do quite cheap rugs for what they are, i got a 450 gram turnout with neck cover attached and i think it was only 89.99 try out their web site its their name then
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    What type would you rather have??

    Would have to be a steady cob they are the best and do anything and everything!!! Plus i love having massive shoulders infront of you incase of hairy moments! lol!
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    Anyones horse started to loose summer coat?

    Well mine has gone like a big fluff ball dont no what to do with him.... its awful!!! he definatly thinks winter is coming!!!
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    Hunting in a BP....

    I hate doing any sort of riding in a BP i feel like i cant breath in it....unless it is just too! also i feel like im more likely to fall off with one on!! is that just me or does anyone else feel like that???
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    im sick of these pros

    wat ever E_l_B clearly out numbered here so go tell someone who actually cares.......
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    im sick of these pros

    u anti's make out ur so nice bt i met lots of them out hunting n they chucked stones at the horses......nt so nice now r u.. is tht not cruel???
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    im sick of these pros

    u clearly no nothing bout hunting thats y u can only tlk bout little britain.....
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    im sick of these pros

    exactly!! they just think they no wat they r talkin about!! just makes u laugh really.. bloody priceless!!
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    im sick of these pros

    wats tht got 2 do wit hunting?????
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    What is so nice about....

    well wats nice about foxes killing lots of chickens then nt even eating them......?? chickens at my yard get attcked by foxes n nt even eaten!!!
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    im sick of these pros

    i think if u av never been hunting u cant rely give ur opinion on it as u av never seen wat actually goes on out in the fields.... u anti's also av 2 ask urself am i a vegeterian? and do i use make up tht is not tested on animals? surely this is just as bad....?
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    clipping cobs legs!?!?

    on my cob i also go down instead of up, he has very hairy knees so i go past them n blend in just above them!!! Good luck!
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    pigeon toes in the show ring..?

    cool thanks!! dnt think we cld go tht far tho!!!