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    Yard distance misery

    Working in and around London, and now that lockdown is over and people are back in their offices, that could be pretty common sadly. I always google map it as it will sometimes take me a different route to avoid traffic. The m25 was carnage the other night and a 35 mins journey took me 1hr...
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    Weekend plans? Last weekend in September

    A honey show??
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    Weekend plans? Last weekend in September

    It’s getting darker and colder now 😱 the lights in our school aren’t working so had a moonlit lesson last night. Finn is white so he was all shiny so ins could still see us, but I was able to get up to all manner of wonkiness as she couldn’t see me. Finn kept grassing on me however as she could...
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    Hacking in the dark?

    Lit up like a Xmas tree is the way to go ! I don’t as we have road work. We got caught out last year and came home with it darker than I’d like, we had masses of hi vis on and it was the final stretch of road but I didn’t feel safe. One driver stopped to comment that it was too dark to ride...
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    New horse anxiety

    Ooh I like that IIC! I can see that really working. I have had a few wobbles with my new boy and have taken it very slowly. Best to plan and focus on what you can control, and have lots of support if you can to help through the early days. Stick to your comfort zone for a while, whatever that...
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    Pictures New owner/rider check in

    Ooh floofball he’s gorgeous. And scrubs up well!
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    Pictures New owner/rider check in

    And it’s easier to think about what’s not right than what is. I’m terrible for focussing on that. It keeps me motivated but it’s annoying at the same time as I don’t always remember what has improved! So there’s that element of it too.
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    Pictures New owner/rider check in

    Aye, I think doing lots of the things they are good at and which you both enjoy, really helps in the early stages. On the flatwork, are you able to get someone to help train and school him and have lessons? I did a weekly flatwork boot camp (ins schoolEd x1, lesson x1 a week where i could)...
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    Pictures New owner/rider check in

    I know not directed at me, but I did buy the online version - it was a bit too scientific for my brain!
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    Pictures New owner/rider check in

    Similar here in that I can be very confident on finnegan, who I’ve had 6/7 years, but it doesn’t translate to other horses. There’s no substitute for time and experience together to gain trust but, when you unpack that, that must mean ups and downs and dealing with problems. I have kind of...
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    Pictures New owner/rider check in

    Can’t ‘like’ that post FF. Sorry to hear that.
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    Blenheim Horse Trials

    Jus watching today’s xc on hc tv now. Camera work and audio are a bit shonky! Commentary good though.
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    Mid sept Weekend Plans

    CC - Urgh, horses! Hope it heals up ok. Our arena hire yesterday was just what I needed, low key, relaxed, no big expectations just get out and practice a bit of flatwork. Had company so Bertie was more settled (he was nappy last week) although he didn’t even like the other horse being tied...
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    Backing done

    He looks like a really nice type. You look good together. Any tips for weight loss?!
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    Best XC boots

    Following as I am struggling myself with finding boots that fit new boy Bertie, who has quite wee legs. Didn’t like the arma xc ones as they are quite stiff, came up too long and have a really big velcro area on them. Just tried the mark todd xc boots but I didn’t like the fit on the front...