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    Livery query

    For all the above reasons I would start looking for somewhere else sharpish.
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    Thoughts on a weird horse ‘thing’

    Yes agree, sounds like a neurological issue, worth a chat with a vet.
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    Fat horses

    The frustrating thing is that "show condition" ie obese has been a problem in showing for decades that I can think of. As has been said above, the entrenched ideas and lack of action from judges and some breed societies speaks volumes.
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    Can't happen soon enough for mine they have done so well but are starting to get bit militant
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    Ideas for building a basic yard from scratch

    If you are looking at containers, go for insulated ones, they are a lot better for storage, they don't get condensation in them.
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    Being present at a vetting?

    @SEL Yay! good news! Dont forget those pictures ;)
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    Update again Happy!

    Brilliant well done all, you are setting the pony up to be a pleasure to own.
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    The Occasional Dave Part 2.

    Love bit of Dave!
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    I can't believe this!

    You are paying for the trainer, so I would politely but firmly ignore the YM and concentrate on what you want to work on with the trainer.
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    Your cancellable takes...

    I feed straw in certain situations. When I was still riding I would groom the bits of the horse that mattered when time was short.
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    Locking stifles-update

    Poor lad. What a list of problems, lucky you cared enough about him to do the right thing.
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    Dream breed(s) you've always wanted

    I would love a Saluki, I dont think we would be a suitable home though. I would like another Biscuit, another collie gsd cross like Sam, another GSD and a Parson Jack Russell. Then something like a Papillon, and a mini Jack Russell..various did say dream dog scenario didnt you ;)
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    Time tells its own tales

    Years of wear left in them yet ;)
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    Update on Lari - riding

    If its any comfort, my welsh cob mare could spook at her own tail when it was windy. Well done, keep going.
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    The Newbie (Boast)

    Heres to many more good outings then 🙂