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    What breed is your dog?

    Yes, they make excellent pets: they sleep about 23 hours out of 24 and just love a run around the field in the morning. Spence, Maisie and Bertie like to go round twice, but Finlay only once so he lies down by the gate and waits for us! They are SO affectionate and loving, but also very self...
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    steve irwin killed

    [ QUOTE ] Oh my god! Steve was a legend! I really enjoyed watching his programmes, thoughts go to the family. RIP [/ QUOTE ] Totally agree, I felt really upset when I heard, even though obviously I don't know him. But OH does a really good impression of him, which just won't be funny...
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    What breed is your dog?

    Finlay Ferguson on left and Mad Maisie (both greyhounds) Spencer (lab X) And Bertie Wooster (greyhound: wearing his swimming gear - he is building up his previously broken leg, but he's already won his 100 metre badge!)
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    My boy is blind in one eye......

    So sorry to hear this about Ty, because from your posts you clearly love hiim to bits. I hope you can take heart from the positive replies about how well other horses have coped. <<virtual hugs and all that>>
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    Bl**dy Horses!

    Just had a similar experience in the school and feeling very much the same! Milly is either Ratbag from Hell or Mild Mannered Janitor. I expect it was the wind and I just get cross and tense which makes everything 10 times worse, so I end up cross with Milly when really I'm just mad with myself...
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    PetPlan are brilliant!

    I've been with them for 7 years with the dogs and one year with Milly. In that time the dogs have, between them, costs me literally thousands for skin allergies, 2 broken legs, cancer ops and follow up treatment and a emergency splenectomy. PetPlan have always paid me very promptly and have...
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    Interesting choice of photo for Ad

    She looks a bit like Victoria Beckham (before she lost the weight). Or maybe it was taken early in the morning when she'd nipped out to do the feeds in her nightie. She's not wearing wellies though....
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    OMG have my first ever show next Saturday!!

    I'm 36 and I have my first ever show on 2 September!! It's at Eccleshall, Staffs (all support welcome) and Milly and I are entering the Novice Rider Working Hunter! Fences only 1'6" and Milly is a 16.3 ex eventer. so hopefully SHE will be alright! I'm bloody terrifird and have NO idea what I'm...
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    Somebody please remind me why I took this up again?

    Yes, but that's the point - I went on some dreadful American confidence building course once entitled "Feel the Fear and Throw Up Anyway" or some such, (work sent me, they were sick of me whining "oh but I can't!!!!) and they tattoed on our hands a saying which actually makes a lot of sense -...
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    Somebody please remind me why I took this up again?

    I feel your pain and confusion a hundred-fold! You are way more experienced than me and I'm sure things will come right with Ty. You've only been together for a short while - I think it's only in the last few weeks that Mill and I have really gelled, after a year. You'll be fine, but keep...
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    Burghley - who's going?

    I'm going on the Friday. I go most years (brought up near Stamford and Mum and Dad still live there) but always xc day, so thought I'd be different this year. And also love the shopping.
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    First Lesson Today

    That's great news Vic; it's lovely watching them ridden isn't it? I bet you felt very proud!
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    Riding out on our own tonight

    Yay, that's splendid news! Great to hear that you and Ty are making such good progress. Can't wait to hear more and see some newer photos.
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    Does anybody have any of these bits.....

    I've got a hanging cheek lozenge link happy mouth snaffle you could borrow, bit I think it's 13.5mm which might be 5 1/4 inches (I don't do metric very well!) PM me if it would be any use....
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    SWUO & the 'Magic Bit'!

    [ QUOTE ] Eagerly awaiting the next installment with fingers crossed! [/ QUOTE ] Ditto! Well done JAK, keep up the good work!