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    Should I buy a horsebox...

    You should be able to pick up a decent Marlborough Hunter for that budget. Plenty of those second hand :)
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    Should I buy a horsebox...

    Depends what the budget is to buy something. Prices are crazy stupid at the moment, I sold my 7.5ton for £2k when I would have struggled to get that for it a year or so ago. A friend of mine has just advertised her 98 Reg one for £7k! But if you are savvy with the buying, and look after it well...
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    Buying a puppy at a service station

    It's all really scary that some people have that much spare money and yet are so unaware of the checks that should be carried out. I know someone who has just bought a puppy, they got it the day after they moved out. Apparently the kids (18, 21 and 23) had done their research and were adamant...
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    Hunting breastplate?

    I would look at a Breastgirth/bridge breastplate with martingale attachment if you are using it because of the saddle slipping back, by attaching it to the D rings on the saddle you will create more pressure on those points and pull the front of the saddle down. The brestgirth style ones attach...
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    How often do your horses lose shoes?

    Possibly every two or 3 shoeing cycles for one of mine. That was until I removed him from the HUGE field with all the playful youngsters, placed him with my more sensible horse and put over reach boots on all round... No he just loses them if his feet go really crumbly, which they don't now...
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    Clipping with Fine Blades...

    Is there a knack to clipping with Fine Blades as opposed to Mediums? I bought some fine blades for my thin coated TB, and I used them on Wednesday for the first time as it was probably the worst clip I have done in a long time in terms of tram lines! Am I missing something? Do they need to be...
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    Hi Form v's Science Supplements

    We stock Science Supplements in my shop. The company is one of the only ones to carry out scientific research into their products. I asked one of my friends to trial it with her veteran and she saw a massive difference being on the Flexability Plus. Some other products don't have enough active...
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    What to look for when buying a foal?

    So my aspirations would be BE80/90 level. But Dressage I would like to get up to Ad/Med maybe? Full sister to one I really like is PSG, and full brother is BE 90/100 I think.
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    What to look for when buying a foal?

    Yes he seems like a nice sort, and funny enough a fellow livery is picking up her new horse tomorrow, who is by this stallion! So that could be interesting to watch. Full sister siblings to one are out competing and doing really well. My trainer and another friend who knows the breeder both...
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    What to look for when buying a foal?

    So by completely by accident, I am going to look at some foals/yearlings this weekend! My plan was always going to be, that the next horse I buy would be a foal/yearling, as I would really like to get up the levels in dressage, but the only way I will ever be able to afford a horse that is able...
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    IFor Williams Eventa Trailer

    Anyone on here have an ifor Williams Eventa trailer? If so, what do you use to tow it? We are looking to change from lorry to trailer (much to my dismay), but the compromise being that I still would like a living area. Not a fan of the Equitreks as I don't think the build quality is all that...
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    So when does your BE season start?!

    Planning second weekend in April with my lad, though not me riding. He will be going to the pro rider for a few weeks in the run up to the event to brush up on his XC. I was going through the calendar for this year last night, and it dawned on me that we will have a really busy year as I want...
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    Can you change a horse's jump technique?

    Not me in the photos, I am almost the opposite and don't get low enough :) Oh he can be lazy, I was going pole work with him last night and I could count on one hand the number of times we went over them without clipping a pole, unless I specifically placed him correctly.
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    Can you change a horse's jump technique?

    Funny you mention that actually. So the horse pictured standing outside is the horse in question in my thread - also see pictures of him jumping a showjump vs a cross country fence. The other horse is my Welsh X TB mare who has a super jump and is very clever, and rarely touches a pole.
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    Can you change a horse's jump technique?

    Ha, no the pony is the Avatar was my first pony, she was wicked over a fence! I think that is exactly his problem, he gets a bit complacent! We do lots of lateral work, as we compete BD as well and trying to work Elementry/Medium! Has definitely made a difference, but still working on...