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    A little advice??

    Thank you for your reply, that gives me some hope! I just want to make sure he gets to the right home and has the best possible life he can!!
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    A little advice??

    I?d like some advice please? This may be long, sorry!! So, I?ve had my ISH gelding for 4 years. My mum originally bought him as she felt sorry for him. He was neglected, skin and bone, covered in lice and had serious trust issues due to this neglect. Skip to now and he?s a lovely lad, a...
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    Vet injured my horse! Should he pay?

    Yes it was an accident... But shouldn't the vet have kept hold of the rasp?? Had the horse jumped forward, then fell and hit his head against the wall (without the rasp in his mouth) and caused damage to himself, this is just an accident, no one to blame, and owner has to pay. But surely...
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    Please can you send me the list of saddles to avoid :) many thanks! Much appreciated.

    Please can you send me the list of saddles to avoid :) many thanks! Much appreciated.
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    What's the furthest you would travel for a yard?

    I travel 25 minutes every day to my current yard.... There are NO good yards anywhere near me that offer winter turnout so I have no choice but to travel further out. Fo me the travel is a sacrifice I have to make. On bad traffic days it can take 30 minutes +, on good days 20 :) If it...
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    Need a rant and maybe some advice!

    I think there's some excellent advice here that shouldn't be ignored. Good luck OP in whatever you decide, but remember, there are other horses out there. I know you have fallen for this mare, but it would break your heart even more if it turned out you couldnt afford to look after her.
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    Change in behaviour when stabled opinions wanted

    Pretty much 99% of the yards around my area don't offer winter grazing!! 30 minutes turnout in a sand paddock is apparently "more than adequate"... very sad :( Needless to say, I travel a 30 mile round trip to a yard that does offer winter grazing. I wouldn?t have it any other way. OP, you...
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    A genuine livery question

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    Rein snatching - advice please!

    Sorry to be a bit stupid... But what is "bridging your reins"???
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    Rubbing girth! Advice please :)

    Oh brill! I'll give that a go as well :) Thanks! Bless him, he's a bit of a softie!!
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    Rubbing girth! Advice please :)

    hmm, so sheepskin is out... and Lambswool is in then?!
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    Rubbing girth! Advice please :)

    Hi everyone, So, my boy gets rather sweaty round his girth area andsuffered last year with his girth rubbing :( Initially I thought it must be his saddle, so got that checked, and had a new one fitted 5 months ago and it was re checked last month and that's perfect. I also searched and...
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    Will feeding a Balancer help mud fever??

    Ahhh, I see! Ok brill, I shall order online and got for the Forage Plus or the Pro balance :) Thanks very much everyone!! Much appreciated :D