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    Laminitis problems

    This article may help to answer your question :)
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    Agrobs Feeds....Tell me your experiences of these pls..

    Would you believe that I have three horses who enjoy the Aspero chop on its own so much that I can use it as a clicker training reward? Our regular feed for a 17hh and a 13.2 is a one litre jug of dried cobs soaked (they swell up and fill a bucket when soaked). Big guy gets two thirds...
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    Tips for mounting?!

    Nice work, BrownMare :)
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    Half/three quarters of an acre enough to keep horse/s?

    I have three quarters of an acre. It took me 6 years of keeping my horses elsewhere to realise that I had this (very common) misapprehension - "Turnout" is the same as "grazing". It's not. Horses need to move and they need to eat, but they don't need to eat grass, and in many countries, they...
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    Gutted- suspensory tear

    Mine injured his front suspensory 12 weeks ago - a large core lesion, the vet said she could see a 1cm hole. He did about 4 weeks strict box rest, then she rescanned and was surprised at the amount of healing. I had got hold of a red light pen and had been using this twice a day for 10 minutes...
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    How much do you pay for large round hay?

    Central Scotland and - sensing a theme here - £30 per bale, plus £10 delivery if I get three. So effectively £33 per bale. I can get a huge round bale of very tightly baled dry haylage for £35, but with a horse on box rest, haylage is a no-no if we want to survive with horse's and my sanity...
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    Christ Lammfelle pads. Please advise.

    I have never used mine with stirrups, so although I knew the half-tree option existed I didn't pursue it. I do know somebody locally who has ridden her (beautiful) Halflinger in competitive LeTrec using a Lammfelle with stirrups very successfully. It's definintely a mark of how good it is if...
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    Barefoot trimmer recommendations - Nottinghamshire/Leicestershir

    I think Vikki Fear covers that area? I know she visits two people I know around Nottingham. I think her website is
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    Equine Clicker Training Experiences/ Resources.

    I would recommend joining a Facebook group called Empowered Equestrians. Lots of impartial advice, free resources on getting started and a whole group of professional trainers giving advice for free. Helps avoid common pitfalls like "I'm afraid my horse will do stuff when I don't want them to"...
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    Stupid (read idiotic and dangerous) things we accidentally do

    My horses live out in a big field, so all operations are done in the field. Including rugging. They all know the rug procedure, and when approached with a rug, stand still until all done up, when they get their bit of carrot. A few years ago, I was rugging up prior to a big storm arriving...
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    Door banging.... how do you stop it??

    Well done. Most of them are quick learners when given the chance. And you can be confident that nothing you did to stop the behaviour will result in the horse having negative associations with being stabled, with people approaching when in the stable, or with approaching or getting near the...
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    Door banging.... how do you stop it??

    The best approach is to deal with the frustration that's causing her to want to do it. So anything you can do to improve her surroundings and make them more interactive and stimulating, company, stable toys, different forages. Once you've improved the emotional state as much as you can, then...
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    The psychology of rolling

    First of all, domesticated horses that we manage aren't the best to study in terms of working out horse behaviour. So what they do and don't do isn't really helpful in terms of working out the original functions of some behaviour. Feral horse groups have specific rolling spots. They all...
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    why won't it heal

    Two things that really seem to affect wound healing (esp. in winter) are zinc and vitamin E. Lots of UK grazing and forage is low in zinc, and high in iron which competes with the zinc that is there for uptake by the body. So the horse can end up very low in a mineral that's essential for...
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    Teaching an old horse new things

    I would recommend you look at Connection Training :) For an older horse, who has had a lot of life experiences and who is, as a result, a bit nervous, the best approach is to teach them using rewards. That way, they learn very quickly but in addition they start to change their opinions about...