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    Gutted.... Working Pupil Positions?

    Was going to say pincus aswell about 1hr 15mins from you. Plus as a bonus he's 10mins from the town centre by bus, 1/2mile walk from the main road but the buses still run on a Sunday and don't stop till the early hours so you can still see the night life in Hereford. I get on fine with him, his...
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    Tack shops in Cirencester open today

    That's pants got a countrywide at home, never mind into town to look at clothes instead Thankyou
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    stud girth challenge!

    I've seen a homemade one made from felt that attached to a over girth over the top of a standard stud girth, the felt was stiff enough that it didn't flop down ether
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    Secondhand RS-TOR?

    Ohh I'm after one too, I'd there's a second one going :) pm me! Ta
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    Tack shops in Cirencester open today

    Hello As title really stuck bored with the family and need me time! Please recommend Thankyou
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    Circle ones are fine, get the biggest one you can afford so that it's too much strain, change direction often. Vary the horses work load, I tend to find people that have walkers don't tend to lunge, so from the horses point of view it's less damaging. Make sure you have a good surface. We have...
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    How often do you wash your rugs?

    By me a wash and re-proof is £9, though countrywide are £30ish!
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    What width of stirrup iron?

    For a size 5 boot, can't remember what size mine are and they are down the yard so can't measure them but need to order some for the youngester What size are yours, I normally wear mountain horse sportives boots if that helps
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    How often do you wash your rugs?

    Stable and indoor rugs every few weeks to a month. Like them clean, I change into stable rugs at night. Turnouts are done daily when they come in, just straps and the edges get a dandy brush over which keeps them looking cleaner for longer, I do it when they are still on the horse. As for...
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    poultice tips needed

    Oh and with the square make it first and stick it to your bum, then all you have to do is slap it on!
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    poultice tips needed

    Tip 1 let the hoof air dry for a few minutes after tubbing, unless your doing an dry wrap Tip 2. Use nappies far cheaper, Tip3 after putting nappy on add a layer of plastic, feed bag or a shaving bag is good as thick Tip 4 add a men's thick sock over the top of it all before adding the...
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    How many hours a day (on average) do you spend at the yard?

    Umm....too much! Today 7hrs, and I've worked (away from the horses) for 7hrs plus I've only got 2 horses, think they are pampered a little too much!
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    How to get weight off unbroken 3yr old?

    That's the thing always had cobby/fatty types! But this horse still shocks me, hopefully once he's broken and building up his work load it will come off
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    How to get weight off unbroken 3yr old?

    Right got to bribe one of the other liveries to graze down my summer paddock for me, then track the paddock. I've got some very knowledge people on my yard, and I've had horses all my life we just can't see how he's got fat! Can't push him too much with the work load as he got his foot stuck...
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    How to get weight off unbroken 3yr old?

    No he's only in when the weathers really bad, we've been having constant rain here for days on end