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    Another Headshaking One!

    Thank you Nic, I have ordered the Hilton Herbs HS liquid as Ive used them before when my old horse suffered, this is going back years and he only did it sporadically on frosty mornings, it helped him enormously so Im giving it a go but I'll try the Equine America one if that doesn't help, Ive...
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    Another Headshaking One!

    Sorry Im late to reply, thank you so much Pinky. I'll give it a go, Im prepare to try anything as he's just getting worse its so distressing to see x
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    Fits /Seizures. DESPERATE for HELP

    Im late to this but just wanted to add my condolences, my beloved boy of a lifetime (in my avatar) developed seizures at 23 when he was still so well, I thought he’d live forever but I called time as it was so distressing for him, you couldnt have saved him and its totally the right decision...
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    Turnout boots to stop shoes being pulled off

    Im pleased to see this because i need the same thing for the same reason, so thanks OP, mine hasnt got massive feet but i usually get a large, would you recommend XL large in the Horze boots? i recently bought another make which werent anywhere near long enough 😔
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    Another Headshaking One!

    Sorry I know its been done to death but i cant find anything exactly the same as my boy. I’ll keep it brief but Sec D 10 yrs old, perfect health and in the 8 years ive had him he has never been a headshaker. Then the farmer next door planted rapeseed and he’s had a miserable two months. All...
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    Feel like just giving up

    I had a vet give my horse a flexion test recently as part of an investigation into something else and he wasn't lame but wasn't 100% on one rein either, maybe just centimetres short but even I could see the difference on the one leg. She said if it were a vetting she'd have passed it because...
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    Owners Group

    Wish mine would!!
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    Scottish Grand National

    Logged on this morning to say well done to Elf and the team, fantastic result!
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    The Cheltenham Festival

    As much as I loved seeing Tiger doing what he loves, Heaven Help Us was the story of the day for me too. Paul Hennessy walking her in after saying "She's my Enable". How fabulous. So sad for Kings Temptation, looked as though he landed awkwardly at a previous fence which I imagine caused...
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    Strange "attack"?

    Thank you so much for the replies already! Yes he certainly acts like its a kind of shock and both times it happened while he was on this saddle pad so you could be onto something. My car is a complete nail and I don't have anything fancy like heated seats so it wouldn't be that. I do...
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    Strange "attack"?

    Im not expecting anyone to come up with a solution to this but thought Id ask anyway. Our JRT x Corgi rescue did a weird thing in the summer, he’s a very quiet boy but loves coming out in the car to the stables with me because he gets lots of fuss. He sits on the passenger seat, on a saddle pad...
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    Blocked tear duct - to leave or not to leave?

    Thanks for all your replies....looks like its a vet jobby then!
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    Blocked tear duct - to leave or not to leave?

    I had the vet out yesterday to look at my boy's recurring watery eye, just the one eye and if left (like recently when I hadn't been able to get to the yard for three days because of snow) results in black gunk in the corner of his eye. She checked everything and thankfully nothing untoward was...
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    Soft Food Diet?

    Thank you for responding, I suggested that but apparently she's tried it and it still came back up. Very odd.
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    Soft Food Diet?

    Hi, posting on behalf of a friend/work colleague who isn't on here. She has a gorgeous 8 year old collie type who is healthy in all respects however she, like a lot of dogs, can be picky with food. She was on the Hills Complete dry food for a while but now won't touch it. She has decided...