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    Underweight rising 2 year old?

    Thanks for your replies. That's interesting regarding the mix. I thought that since the d&h mare and young stock mix was specifically designed for native or part-bred animals that it wod be suitable for her- is this not the case? What alternative feed would you recommend?
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    Underweight rising 2 year old?

    Thank you for all your replies, I appreciate them. I normally would have ignored the original comment I was given but it came from someone I really respect and who has had far more youngsters than I have. I'm just glad that I am seeing the same horse as others on here are 😊.
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    How Are Your 2012 Foals Looking?

    Here's some pictures of my little filly- she's a welsh D. I'm hoping she'll make at least 14.2hh - at the moment she's about 13hh at the withers and 13.2hh at the bum. At 1 week old and now at 11 months old Some days she looks in proportion and others I just look at her and think...
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    Underweight rising 2 year old?

    Thank you for your replies- I'm glad that you are seeing her the way I do. Yes you can easily feel her ribs and depending on how she is standing you can see a few of them but I'd rather that than have her fat :)
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    Underweight rising 2 year old?

    This is my rising 2yo filly, Welsh D. She has 2 feeds a day, using d&h mare and youngstock mix as well as supplements. She lives out and her field has good grass, but I do put down some hay in the evening. I personally think she is OK- yes she could have slightly more condition but I don't...
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    Your Horse Ghost Stories.

    Not my story but a friend of mine has had a few ghostly encounters/experiences. Once she was away from home when one of her horses became very ill, she had told her husband to call the vet to put the mare down. Not long after putting the phone down she heard a horse neigh, quietly but...
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    Worry worry worry with horses

    I'm exactly the same- the other night I was seriously questioning why I have them because I work myself up so much. I'm generally a very laid back kind of person who doesn't worry about anything EXCEPT for the animals. I give the horses their 'final check' about 10pm but I then imagine loads of...
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    Average Price for 2 Stage Vetting

    £120 incl. VAT
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    well they've started already.......

    Thanks for that- this is what I was hoping/thinking myself but it's good that someone else thinks it could work out this way :o
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    well they've started already.......

    My horses are right next to a cricket ground that always has fireworks :(. My little mare is totally used to them after 7 years but this is the first year I've had a weanling and yearling so I'm really worried :( The field is also right next to the motorway which is constantly full of loud...
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    Chestnut mares?

    I've got a 15 month old section D who's chestnut with 4 whites! But so far she has been a total gem, no faces or anything- she is the most placid yearling I've seen. Whether she changes as she gets older remains to be seen but her mum and grandmother are chestnut with 4 whites (from what I can...
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    Anyone else getting foals soon

    Ah right I thought I recognised him but wasn't sure, I've got the stud on facebook. Mine is by Terackie Winter Shadow out of Terackie Madam Xantia (Nebo Daniel).
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    Anyone else getting foals soon

    He looks nice :) how's he bred? This is my girly who's coming in 2 weeks :) she's a section D
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    My 15 month old section D filly is now standing around 13.2/3hh, her breeder think she will make 14.3hh. But everyone who's seen her comments what a big filly she is and I'm starting to wonder now whether she will get a bit bigger. Her parents are both 14.3hh but her grandfather was around...
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    What is it really like in Carmarthenshire?

    The good news is that it's not as bad as you've heard but the bad news is that it's probably even worse! Seriously there is a lot of rain- but when it's nice it is so beautiful. It isn't bad living in Carms being English- it gets a whole lot worse the further into mid-Wales you get. There are...