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    Selling / sellers - odd behaviour - don't they want to sell their horses?

    Hi A I'm with you on the plane!! I'm struggling to find anything to look at here, let alone go through the hassle of trying to get in touch with them. So far I've found the Germans have much better manners!! Have you tried any of the agents in Germany? I was planning a trip in the next couple...
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    Selling / sellers - odd behaviour - don't they want to sell their horses?

    Me too Andiamo! I posted on here a while ago about a similar thing - and I'm still looking too! I don't understand why people don't respond - even the sport horse dealers and studs are just as bad. And I'm not just sending general queries, I'm asking about horses they have advertised for...
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    Dressage Horses - Astrid Bolton???

    Hi Borodin I'm not trying to be negative, as I just haven't had the contact / promised photos and videos of the horses for sale! I've called, texted and e-mailed on more than one occasion and haven't had a response. If Stephen Thompson calls me back I won't worry about where the horse has...
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    Dressage Horses - Astrid Bolton???

    Hi again and thanks for all the replies. I've e-mailed Stephen Thompson this morning. Have already tried Woodcroft - not going back. Woodlander don't have anything within my budget, as per Classic Dressage and Andrew Gould. I've also been promised a DVD from Holme Grove but it hasn't...
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    Dressage Horses - Astrid Bolton???

    Hi GD - no I'm not restricted - I was due to go and look at one in Gloucester last week but got a call from seller the night before to say it was sold. (I'm in East of England). Have also been looking and getting in touch with people in Germany and Holland so I'm not worried about travelling...
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    Dressage Horses - Astrid Bolton???

    Hi everyone! OP I hope you don't mind me jumping into your thread, but I've also recently been in touch with AB in respect of looking for a horse. I was promised video and photos of some 4 yo's for sale and three weeks later haven't ever received them. I'm having a nightmare trying to find a...
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    Interesting view of RSPCA

    Hi all I don't often post on here, but quite often read various threads with interest. I had an interesting situation this morning which has made me search to try and find out if there is a regional RSPCA complaints e-mail address that I can write to? Does anyone know of anything like this...
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    LED floodlights

    Hi all Just wondering if anyone has used LED floodlights for their arena? I've got PP and am about to buy lights to go onto telegraph poles - I'm not sure whether the LED ones will be worth the extra money? Although apparently the cabling doesn't need to be so heavy duty as the wattage is...
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    equine metabolic syndrome

    Hi Sallyballybee I lost my horse of a lifetime to this in March, aged 9. He had been out of work due to a suspensory ligament injury for 18 months but I was hoping to start working him again in the spring when the days got lighter. He was a 17hh warmblood, and had gained and subsequently...
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    Riding with arthritis - how do you cope?

    Thanks everyone for your posts, and wow, I'm full of admiration for Eriskaydales, Superted 1989 , Nikkimariet and Tash87 and - I'm now giving myself a mental kick and won't give up hope just yet! Swimming sounds like a great plan - will have to ask nextdoor neighbour very nicely if I can go...
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    Riding with arthritis - how do you cope?

    Hi everyone I've been lurking on here for a long while, but am posting for a bit of reassurance I think! Sadly I lost the horse of my dreams in March and I'm in no way emotionally ready to start looking for another horse to ride as yet, but I have had lots of kind offers to ride other peoples...
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    Who keeps horses at home?

    Hi I have recently gone through a similar thing to your suggestion. We bought a house last year which had 5 acres, dodgy fencing, no stables or arena and which needed quite a lot of work inside and out. It wasn't until April this year that I was finally able to move the horses in, having gone...
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    Shavings suppliers and delivery costs...

    Hi everyone I am looking for a supplier for shavings for 2 horses, can take pallet loads but not sure what is the going rate per bale. Please could you let me know what is a good deal and how much you pay? Thanks
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    H&H not arriving on time

    I haven't had last week's yet. Can anyone tell me the number to call to cancel the subscription as it's been rubbish service for weeks and is so out of date that I can't justify spending the money any more.
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    Retirement Livery

    Hi all Just after some opinions please! I'm about to put up two stables to keep my boy at home (subject to planning permission!). He's not one of those who can be by himself so after much thought I've decided that my bes option is to try and find a retired horse as a companion (that way Bugs...