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    To all the old timers on here...

    This sort of post, whilst with it's own wonderful integrity regarding old friends lost, stops newer people from posting at all. The inference is that only "old timers" have a place on this forum, and others will be tolerated only if they can be laughed at as "trolls" or "numpties". Be careful...
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    Mane plaiting - anyone actually known one be stolen?

    I really doubt it. Think about it..if they can get close enough to a horse to plait it's mane, why not take it then? Most of the "plaits" i have seen are merely what the wind would do!
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    Do you think she's in Foal?

    No, I don't think she's in foal..I do think she's obese. I had one like that, and it's possible to turn around :)
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    Anyone used camrosa on a wart or sarcoid ?

    I think your vet's advice is very odd. You either treat it as a wart, or you treat it as a sarcoid: the two things are very different. In your situation, if your vet is unsure, I would send a pic to Professor Knottenbelt at Liverpool University, via your vet. The vet can do this for you...
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    How do you ever get back on?

    That is a brilliant reply. I've done ALL of that ;)
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    Those with non horsey oh's

    Yep. Get the true measure of him. If he stays around he'll be useful :D
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    Please can somebody tell me how long spring fever will last?!!

    No idea, maybe a fortnight, but every year my normally completely sane lad grows springs for legs and eyes on stalks. I was hacking out recently with someone new, and she said "He's not a novice ride is he?" (this was after saying how well I sat a particular manouvre). youngest son has...
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    Showjumping and Defuse calmer

    It does seem like a lot at one go for a young chap, and I, too, don't really understand why it's necessary to use any sort of calmer. It would seem to me to defeat the object if he has to be "primed" with something first. Maybe take him to a lot of smaller events, even if not ridden, to get him...
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    Toggi Calgary please!

    Thanks everyone! Well, I went and tried a LOT on. Tried on Mark Todds, MH, etc: in all the wide was HUGE, but the "normal" was too tight! The Calgarys were the most comfy in the foot (I have very wide feet) and although I could zip up the normal calf width, I felt at risk of circulation stopping...
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    Toggi Calgary please!

    Thanks everyone! Mixed reviews then. I'd love Ariats but can't stretch to that. Will go and try some on. I suppose IF the zips on them do go, I can complain and get them replaced!!
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    Toggi Calgary please!

    I'm looking for opinions on these as I'm looking at getting them. Now, I had these boots about 5 years ago, but the zip went on one after about a year of only using them for hacking out, so I didn't buy more...however they were VERY comfortable and I loved them!! I'm wondering if they have...
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    Manners when riding on the road.

    To be perfectly fair to the rider, if I were the one riding and leading along a road, I wouldn't be raising a hand....and my look of extreme concentration might well look like a frown!
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    How to get rid of winter coat fast

    Ditto to a furminator!!
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    Who's coming out of winter a bit to well?

    Nope, looking fine. He's got polysaccharide intolerance though, so am waiting for the inevitable spring grass plummett in weight....however THIS year he's on a track so I'm hoping it won't be as bad.
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    Help me find one

    Found two but they look heavier: Second one IS half price though ;)