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    Has anyone kept stallions with mares year-round?

    This was quite a timely thread, because I have been browsing ride and drive/driving horses and ponies-not with any serious intention of buying; it's because I bought a very cheap pony trap at auction and was just window shopping. So many of the horses and ponies up for sale seem to be...
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    How do you measure what height horse/pony you need in a trap?

    Thanks all. That's a really useful diagram. Mine is like that. There was also what I believe was an Irish jaunting cart, but one you sit in, a bit like a sort of tub cart, not the sort where you sit facing outwards on the sides. That was very cheap as well and I rather wish I could have...
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    How do you measure what height horse/pony you need in a trap?

    Gosh, I need to learn a whole new language! What is a tug stop? if I ever do get round to thinking of driving, I will join a driving club or something. I do like the idea of it, especially as I don't really ride any more. It was just such a bargain at auction I couldn't resist. Cheers.
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    How do you measure what height horse/pony you need in a trap?

    I have just bought a 2 wheeled trap in need of cosmetic restoration, though basically sound, for very little money. It is sort of a dog/rally/pleasure type trap; takes two people on a bench type seat. As title, how do you measure what size horse/pony will fit the trap? I have a Fell 3 yo...
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    Massage mitts - are they a gimmick and if not what kind to get?

    Many years ago when dinosaurs walked the earth, we had "grooming" and "strapping" and made our own wisps from straw to bring the shine up. Haven't heard the word strapping for years, possibly decades and i'm sure there are no longer Pony Club/riding school competitions for the neatest wisp...
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    Advice please

    I only flag it up; I make no comment otherwise!
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    Advice please

    Consumer Protection Act 2015 s19 ss (14) (15). The possible "get out" for the seller is at ss (15)(a)(b): (15)Subsection (14) does not apply if— (a)it is established that the goods did conform to the contract on that day, or (b)its application is incompatible with the nature of the...
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    Advice please

    I don't know if this will help. The Consumer Protection Act 2015 says (but in more legal terminology): "If you discover the fault within the first six months of having the product, it is presumed to have been there since the time you took ownership of it - unless the retailer can prove...
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    Mid-sold pony PLEASE HELP!

    This is a bit of a deviation, but I do see a lot on here about "running up solicitors bills". Very often, they give the first bit of general advice in a phone call, which they don't usually charge for. There may be a very simple answer if you are a lawyer and that's often the end of that. If...
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    How far would you travel to view a horse?

    I bought my schoolmaster dressage horse unseen, untried and unvetted some years ago from a seller who lived 60 miles north of Aberdeen. I was then living near Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire. She just sounded trustworthy (just did) and the horse was just what I wanted/needed if he was what she...
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    Pictures I cannot believe I am posting this - RIP Arizona

    Just adding to what everyone else has said in terms of sympathy. We found our Cleveland Bay mare dead in the field a few weeks back. Absolutely no inkling that there was anything wrong, she wasn't that old and in fact we found her on the morning that the vet was due to come to swab her as we...
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    Things to do in Edinburgh....

    Greyfriars Cemetery and Greyfriars Bobby -the water fountain is outside the actual graveyard. The cemetery is just like a series of Hammer Horror film locations.
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    The time has come

    I'm really sorry, a horrible day, but you recognised it was time, made the decision and did it. Not at all easy for you, but best for him and that's why we do it.
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    The time has come

    Shavings, you really do have my sympathy as I am going through exactly the same thing. I think we posted previously at much the same time, as my deerhound was diagnosed on Good Friday with osteosarcoma with the same prognosis. It is devastating. She too is only 7 and a half and although...
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    being ready to say goodbye

    Shavings, you are echoing my recent post in here as the same thing has just happened to me with my deerhound, only seven and a half, same prognosis etc, so I know just how you and your mother must be feeling. It is horrible. My girl was diagnosed on Good Friday and she is still ok in herself...