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    Terrible names

    We went to view a horse who was called 'Grey Mare' which I thought rather sad. She was a very nondescript horse. The best named racehorse was 'Pedlar of Dreams', she was known as Shirley after Shirley Bassey as she sang out very loudly at breakfast time.
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    Mental transitions

    Have a look at Warwick Schiller's 'observing the ears' on YouTube. I'm not a huge fan of everything he does but this has helped with a similar problem with my ex racehorse, still a work in progress.
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    lameness advice

    If the horse is shod I usually get the farrier to have a look first. This takes a couple days, if he finds nothing and horse no better I would take to the vet.
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    Filly kicks when picking up hind legs

    If you have a good farrier or other hoof professional it might be worth paying them for their time to teach her.
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    Wellies for uber-wide feet!

    I have fairly wide feet and find Dunlop Puroforts to roomy.
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    Need a show name !!!

    I like his stable name so would add to that. Scooby snack Scooby star Sorcerer scooby Scoobitastic
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    Horse leaping into canter

    So he shouldn't be fresh then. My other ideas would be: do you warm up the same as you would during the day? Is it likely that your own energy is raised, for example if you have rushed to get to ride, my other half's horse became a complete live wire if he rode immediately on returning from work.
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    Horse leaping into canter

    What is he doing all day? Could he be a bit fresh?
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    Decisions decisions!

    Rather than the uninspiring local riding school I would save for trips to somewhere for schoolmaster type lessons, or weekend riding breaks. Is there a local riding club where you could volunteer at competitions? It might be a way to get a horsey fix and meet different horsey people, you might...
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    How to stop planting

    It looks like you have had plenty of advice op, has anything worked?
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    Gunky bits

    Could the tiny blood spots be midge bites? I've seen lots here in the last few days and noticed quite a bit of tails swishing.
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    Comfy (seamless?) jods

    I've just ordered some cheap ones from Decathlon, they haven't arrived yet so I can't comment on comfort.
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    Recent odd behaviour (possible sore back?)

    Things I would consider: has he been clipped recently? Saddle cloth changed or washed? Is it cold or damp from previous use? I would carefully check all the skin under the saddle for any lumps or bumps that could be missed in a winter coat. If it continues I would have his saddle checked then...
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    Feed and supplements for poor doers

    My 20 yo tb has 3 cups of fast fibre, 2 of spillers hi fibre cubes, one of micronised linseed and a measure or forage plus hoof and skin health twice a day with a good teaspoon of salt in one of the feeds. He is not currently in work and lives out 24/7, grass is still plentiful so no hay yet.
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    Stirrup cleaning hacks please?

    I just worked out that the treads on my saddle are about 30 years old, I doubt they have been cleaned properly for the last 20 🥴 I don't think there are any crevices left to trap dirt. If the stirrups are muddy I wash them under a running tap and dry with a soft cloth.