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    Confidence Crisis - new horse, new yard feeling a bit useless.

    Don't feel useless! But my one bit of advice would be if you do ride in the school tomorrow ask someone if they will just keep a watchful eye. I NEVER ride without someone being at the yard "just incase" Hopefully you'll crack your confidence soon in the menage and enjoy your hacks out together...
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    Your best ever horse/tack/feeding/grooming/stable tips!

    In my experience.. Get a GOOD Instructor (Not all instructors will suit you and your horse) I never knew about the tail brushing but have to admit mine is a hunter type pony so rarely gets the brush to his tail anyway :p Would love to know people's top tips on plaiting and keeping manes! I...
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    I did it! First ever ODE

    Super!! Well done you! I had a similar mishap the other week at Arena eventing.. must remember RIDE EVERY FENCE :D Hope you've booked in for your next one!
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    severe tail rubbing

    Check with the vet for pin worms!
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    Horses and heat

    Could the lady in question keep an eye on him/her and do the poo picking - and then pay a professional type person to do the bring in of a day time? - We are in England... in August it could also Torrential rain! :D I would do this just to stop you worrying if it were me i'd be on the phone the...
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    Can horses see through mesh fly veils at night time ???

    Following with interest! I believe they can see but think my lad would be one of the dopey ones stood in the middle going "where has all the grass gone" it also makes me wonder what happens when it rains? I was always led to believe the rain would fill the mesh holes - again could be a myth? I...
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    Transforming the Dungeon! (picture overload)

    WOW! I love it! :) Great choice of colours!!
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    Do horses copy behaviours?

    Yep I believe they copy to an extent too! An avid door kicker next door soon taught my lad how to kick the door down at tea time!!
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    Horses with "human" names

    Old man names are the best in my opinion! Mine's called Dennis, But we also have a: - Ted - Bert - Jim - Tommy - Gordon - George :D
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    Sensible and bombproof breeds - help with new pony please!

    Mine's got Connie in him! Although he's had his mad moments (Bought him at 5) He's so loveable and sensible and starting to grow up! (Now 7!) He is often the lead ringer to take others out on the roads. Defo stick to your instinct and get something with Connie in it :)
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    Does garlic really keep the flies away?

    This made me laugh a lot! :D
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    XC Gloves

    Another Roeckl lover over here!
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    Does garlic really keep the flies away?

    Or is it just a big myth/money making business. Personally I've always been a bit suspicious...:D