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    End of an era...please raise a glass with me..

    I'm so sorry to hear this; what a horrible decision to make :( It sounds like she was a truly wonderful horse, and my thoughts are with you x
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    Best Turned Out prize at BE...

    I think it's a very nice idea; wouldn't it be great if you were an amateur and won it against a fleet of grooms? :p
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    A "matchy matchy" dilemma (Showing)

    I'm finally going to get use out of the 'flashy' browband I bought a couple of months ago, but after digging it out and finding a green tie I intended to wear with it, I've got a bit of a dilemma :p The tie and browband are vastly different shades of green. Would I get away with it? (I'm...
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    Liverpool Wood Pellets good/bad experiences please :)

    I use a different brand of wood pellets (based in Ireland), and switched over from shavings a couple of months ago. I have to say that I'm very happy; it's very absorbent and easy to muck out.
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    Miners Frolic Fighting for his Life

    Oh no, how awful :( I hope he makes a full recovery.
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    Tails - how do you do yours?

    Pulled, and cut just below the hock :)
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    competing in uniform?

    I think it looks very smart; love seeing riders wearing their uniform when competing.
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    Is it safe to travel my horse with shaving bags in the next partition?

    Just make sure that the bales are well "blocked" or tied up with something like bungies.
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    Would you enter this novelty class?

    It's a bit like the showjumping version of a hunt chase; it would be great fun!
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    Luhmuhlen CCI**** report

    Absolutely fantastic - Well done!!
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    tigers_eye in Luhmuhlen

    Wow, what a fantastic result; well done TE!
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    Thank god for CCTV - not CR. *pics*

    Congrats - So exciting!
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    dressage riders knowledge please

    Think of more ground cover. Also make sure your horse is balanced before asking for the medium strides.
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    keratex hoof hardener

    It is brilliant stuff - I used it following a recommendation from my farrier and it has really made a big difference.