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    new horse turns out to be a rearer-advice please

    interestingly a young horse worked in eventing, now showing responses typical of some form of pain response - not unusual in many horses who are many a bit slower to develop than their peers and so end up having neck or back issues when they hit the 5 or 6 mark after appearing quite fine when...
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    Amazing! No takers on my horse who I'm offering someone to ride for free!

    oh I would have bitten your hand off for such a chance when I was a kid!! its amasing though -- dont know if its health and safety or what -- but very few people are intersted in sharing and riding nowadays unless they get theior own horse -- although I have to say that some would benefit...
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    Hard ground?

    It is strange isnt it - -gone fro a muddy morass to concrete in a few days! I am using the area of hte field with longer grass for most of my faster work as hope the grass provides a cushion -- on the other parts she is not even happy to trot let alone canter! Cathy
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    best way to find out about parelli is to find a demo being done by some instructors and go watch for yourself -- some people like it, others don't -- some take parts of it and adapt it for themselves -- others don't like any of it I know there are many demos in different places -- whereabouts...
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    Bucked off in my lesson, horse has sore back, feel terrible, what to do??

    ah that's a horrible place to be -- knowing your horse is hurting and you didn't notice it -- I had a horse bunch up ready to buck under me but managed to get on -- I had totally missed her discomfort with the saddle when I put it on and hadn't checked her back first That incident convinced...
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    How far do you travel to yard?

    I used to be happy to drive 30 minutes to a yard I loved -- it had great facilities and once I was there I was in a great state of mind - I am lucky now I walk 2 mins and there's the field! Cathy
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    Rant, stupid, inconsiderate horse riders.

    gosh how frustrating OP -- esp since they had ot actually come away from the bridleway to do that -- VERY impolite!!! my horses are surrounded by bridleway and footpaths - so I have done some workshops for the locals re what to feed and not feed a horse -- which seems to work as someone...
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    Confidence Questions?????? New BLog!

    ok -- rather long new blog post up which is a bit psychological -- Cathy
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    dream team saddles.....

    why not? haven't bougt from them myself but I have some friends looking into various treeless options so don't want to send them somewhere not good! I have a torsion myself (was lucky enough to get a second hand one at a good price) Cathy
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    Any one else having trouble with soft feet

    Hi no abcesses so far - -BUT I am taking extra care with where I ride right now -- their field has been soft soft soft so trying ot get them out for some time every day onto the hard standing helps -- but can't wait til the field itself dries out as then it has a whole range of wetness which...
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    More help for a towing newbie - PLEASE! :D

    wow some good tips on here -- wish this thread had been around when I was towing my friend's trailer! the main thing is to find a big open space, set some cones out and practice doing things until you KNOW what youa re doing -- havinga friend who wants to learn too is a great way of doing it...
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    Sad loss of Carrot

    oh sorry to hear this -- but glad he found the home of rest before passing away cathy
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    Confidence Questions?????? New BLog!

    ooh how exciting -- a new horse! love hearing about new horses - -what type/ character/etc etc etc??? Cathy
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    honest opinion can a napping mare every be cured?

    some great tips here -- I find that the confidence of the rider is the key -- and that often a confident rider and quiet persistence works well Cathy
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    Paddock paradise/track systems

    I look forward to the repsonses -- I am planning a track system around my 4.5 acres and am planning some loops to keep the horses balanced by changing direction -- although I will have to feed hay which I think will put my costs up a fair bit so am intersted in anyones expereinces of the...