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    Hay Pillow

    I'm not sure of the hole size, probably about that.
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    Hay Pillow

    I like this thing - Haynet Strong from Kramer - I just tie up the string and leave it on the ground
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    Best plastic mounting block

    Height 26cm, so not terribly helpful for getting on anything bigger than a pony
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    Lorry loading training

    I had Richard Maxwell for a bad loader, but what he did was just the start of it He was here for a day, and left me with instructions to load load load load load until it became second nature for both me and the horse RM got the horse loading, but it was my job to keep him loading
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    and... here we go again!

    An old woman in a big hat?
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    Beware of what is your dream, it may come true!

    I'm so sorry that the reality doesn't match your expectations; I'm sure a lot of us have experienced that at one time or another. Just to focus on some practical points - has your mare always been bad to load? Some horses become worse loaders if they have a minor unsoundness (maybe not even...
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    Recommendations for a non elasticated leather girth please

    I've got a 50'' Jeffries one
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    Today's hack

    Lovely woods! What's that poor old building?
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    There is something wrong with Blomma

    Thank you I am crossing my fingers too; the emotional highs and lows of 'We've found a treatment' and 'It's not working as we'd hoped' are so hard to bear Sending hugs and good luck xxx
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    There is something wrong with Blomma

    Agree, that's brilliant news. Perhaps now it's just a matter of tinkering with the dose until you find the right balance Do you have a pill cutter? It makes accurate division of pills so much easier
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    I'm on earth to be a warning to others 🤣

    What a shame he was a bloke and not a gentleman. A gentleman would have done the gate for you
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    Brewers brand to buy?

    I used to get the Gold Label stuff and the colour varied from batch to batch Now I get my feed shop's own stuff which seems much the same as the Gold Label, and the horses look as good
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    There is something wrong with Blomma

    Humans can get a thing called diabetes insipidus. It's nothing to do with sugar; you pee loads because a hormone called antidiuretic hormone (made in the brain, tells the kidneys to hang onto water) is lacking. I guess that's what your vet is thinking of. It's treatable as a synthetic form of...
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    Police horses spooking at a rainbow crossing

    Perhaps they'd heard about the Rainbow Bridge thing and thought, Noooo! Not yet!
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    Pictures Took my youngster to Dartmoor

    Horse heaven!