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  • Hi CAYLA, I'm looking to collect my new GSD puppy in the middle of November & have been after some general advice on raising a puppy. I've been told that your puppy guide is invaluable - might I be able to have a copy please? Thank you for your time xXx
    Hi, Cayla. Dobiegirl has suggested I contact you regarding help with separation anxiety. I have started a thread in "Dogs" giving details but can supply any other info. Thanks in advance, Jo.

    I hope you don't mind me pm'ing you! Could you ppossibly let me know a little more about your boy?

    Many thanks!
    I am hoping to crate train my 6 month old pup and have been told you have written a guide to help?
    I was wondering if you could send me a copy please?
    Thanks :-)
    Hi cayla
    Just saw your post on the dogs section about having dogs and working full time. I just wondered which rescue you were linked to? Have found some of the rescues that we have previously approached v unhelpful and it would be nice to speak with one that was a little more realistic!
    Thanks v much
    Hi Cayla
    wanted to ask a question about rehoming or fostering a dog, however can't send by PM can i contact you any other way?
    Hi Cayla, I read a post where you said you have successfully introduced aggressive dogs to you pack and have had positive results, do you offer this as a service?
    I have a 2yr old border collie that underwent various operations as a pup and lacked socialization (apart from the dog he lives with) and have tried various trainers who have all given up. I am willing to try anything now to help him and me have a stress free life!!
    Many Thanks for reading this, Della.
    I am told that you are connected to a rescue home and might have a dog to suit me? Looking for a medium sized friend for my 7 year old cocker but not too bouncy as he has hip dysplaiza bless him! Any suggestions would be fab!! Many thanks. Bea.
    Thanks for your message. I agree with your post. I think we were a bit blinded by the romantic idea of having a dog. I guess I thought that at that much money he was bound to be well trained. He was £800 but by the time I went to three training sessions, took him to the vets etc. I am in Glos but to be honest after this experience I have been put off having another dog until kids are older. Nice to hear from someone though who helps put it into perspective just feel like I have been taken for a bit of a ride but then i've not helped the situation.
    Thanks x
    Hi, have been recommended to come to you for a puppy guide!! have had lots of dogs but havnt had a pup for a long time. Would be really greatfull for some info. Thankyou.
    Hi Cayla
    Further to my post about crate training I would v grateful if you could send me your guide.

    Many thanks and happy birthday!!

    Hope you don't mind but I could do with your advice. We have a 5 year old border collie who is an absolute star - cracking dog and with super manners - she was a nightmare when she was a pup in that she chewed everything and took a while to house train (we got her at 12 weeks) We are about to get a JRT pup who will be coming home at 8 weeks old and we want to get the house training right this time so have thought of crate training but we have no idea where to start. My current dog sleeps outside our bedroom door and has the run of downstairs when we are out but we realise the pup can't have the same freedom for her safety, the older dogs peace and quiet and my shoes, wires etc!

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Jo
    hi Cayla, again same as RedVendetta, new puppy! :) You have come greatly recommended for your wise words, I hope you dont mind me sending you a message. Thanks! Steph x
    Hi Cayla
    I have been reliably informed that you have a new puppy owner's guide?
    Could I please please please be privy to this info? I am getting a new puppy on Tuesday and I am fairly nervous about the whole thing!
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