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    Need your Help - If you can't at least give me some encouragement!

    aparrently it is nothing to do with the priates of the carribean. (soz too sozzeled to spell!) and have a very merry x-mas like I am to you guys.
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    Need your Help - If you can't at least give me some encouragement!

    I know it's not really horse related although I did see all my horses this morning for a christmas cuddle. Anyway now for the dilemma, I am spending Christmas with Delphipuppy and Super_Kat! Oh no I hear you all cry you are spending christmas with the mad ones! yes I know but then anyone who...
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    Well done John

    Watching it yesterday on the television and seeing the jump off really brought back memories of the old days when the Irish Draught cross was the sports horse to have and they would have the occasional small horse/pony in the jump off, could have been watching an olympia jump off of 20 years...
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    Pics of drain for tooth abcess, for those interested.

    They have done a nice neat job with that, I do hope this solves the problem for you. Lots of healing vibes being sent over.
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    Message for Bounty

    Lots of big hugs being sent to Bounty. Bounty I really do hope that 2009 brings you happiness. x x x x
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    New Neighbour

    I have done something similar to BouncyTigger, my mare hates in particular one horse which is next door to her, they have bars as the top half of their stables, so I have covered these with rugs, as she was charging at the bars, kicking out and generally being very unpredictable in the stable...
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    Saddle panels - which type?

    I would go with a foam/latex panel with flocking over the top, that way they can be adjusted with flocking but the main substance of the panel will stay the same.
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    SO Angry - Xmas Lights - Sorry Long

    I must admit I agree with Martlin but then not everyone is the same, as a short term fix would you be able to put a set of blinkers on him? I don't know if this would work or not but may be worth a go?
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    Vibes for my lad please.

    They made 2 holes on the back of the cheekbone and it was drained through these holes, we had to wash this out twice a day and we injected him with AB's on a 5 day course. It took 3 weeks for it all to heal up, but there is no scarring on him and you would never have known it had happened. His...
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    Vibes for my lad please.

    Lots of healing vibes being sent to Bolly. We have had one with an abcess under his tooth, had it drained, it took a while to heal but has done very well and you would never know he ever had a problem. Best of luck I do hope he heals soon
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    Those of you who share...

    I am a not so sane owner, who has a sharer for one of my horses. Yes it's Trundle (she's posted above) she has full access to use the horse 24/7 and treat it as her own. They have developed a good bond with each other, I took on a sharer that was a novice as we all have to start somewhere and...
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    Holidays for Horses - do you give them a break?

    Ours get thrown out and roughed off at the end of September and don't come back into work until February.
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    Lost my horse today

    Huge ((((((((((hugs))))))))))) to you, RIP Raymond. At least you did everything you could for him and gave him a dignified end.
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    Oops - forgot crucial piece of show prep !

    MMMMMMM chocolate
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    40% off Equetech!!

    Thanks SLH, now I'm going to spend money that is supposed to be for buying xmas pressies! Runs off to go and sit on my hands.