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    Gatcombe CIC 3* withdrawals

    I'm wanting to know the same thing - about the person who got trampled by the loose horse x
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    How old to spay?

    Absolutely no scientific basis behind this, but we had Chlo done at 6 months, before her first season, on vet advice. She had horrendous hip dysplasia and all sorts of other problems (allergies, stomach upsets, eventual organ failure) and I do always wonder whether spaying early was a...
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    When to change from puppy food to adult food?

    We moved at 18 months for the first and 13 months for the second.
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    Was-january-now-february meet: roll call!

    Would I be welcome? Would love to tag along!
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    Alternative to "lampshade" style collar

    Blow up collar seemed like an amazing idea but my Labrador just seemed too long for it - she could reach her scar after her hip surgery with no problems whatsoever!
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    Silly post. Really miss my boys.

    Aah, thanks guys. Just having a really low day (had a kidney infection last week and still feeling very poorly) and it's just not getting any easier. I expected that it would become less painful over time but it doesn't. It's a bit less sharp I suppose, in that I'm now not sobbing in my car...
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    Silly post. Really miss my boys.

    This is a really stupid post, sorry. My ex and I split up not quite a year ago. We had two beautiful, incredible black labs together. He kept them and is doing the most amazing job of looking after them. I still see them (and him, obviously) weekly at least, and either we go for lush long...
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    How do you rate the extendable leads?

    I use a flexi lead for BigDog whilst LittleDog is off lead - if they need to be on lead then I keep BigDog on the flexi because I can lock it so much shorter than the other lead so he actually heels! I know people hate them, but without them he simply wouldn't get the exercise he needs as he...
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    Buying a lab puppy in £600 each, not £600 as a job lot!
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    Buying a lab puppy

    We paid £600 for both our boys. Just whatever you do, check hip scores, elbow scores, eyes etc etc. My boys go back 9 generations and that's still not enough to quieten the scarring I was left with when my first girl had such severe dysplasia from shocking breeding. There are lots of good...
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    Vaginal infection in puppy

    My girl had this. It was white, and sometimes it wasn't a problem and sometimes it was awful. We never really got to the bottom of it, and eventually we lost her at 2.5years old anyway. But so many of her problems (skin conditions, ear infections, itchiness) was linked and we always wondered...
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    Tic Toc found. :(

    So sad, and so sad that it was the outcome expected all along, I was so hoping for something unusual which would mean he could come home to the little boy.
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    What beds do your dogs have?

    I love all these photos! Both my boys are pains in the arse when it comes to their beds. At the moment, Bracken is on a rectangular padded mattress thing with some vet bed on top, and Willow is in his crate with two things of vet bed. I have tried every arrangement of beds, nice or...
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    Leaving My Boys :(

    Grr why won't the pictures show like they used to?
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    Leaving My Boys :(

    Thanks for the support everyone, I've really appreciated it. I moved on Monday, and the boys coped quite badly with that, particularly my older one who seems the most confused and upset. I took them for a walk on Tuesday and then again today - today they were SO excited to see me which was...