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    BHS legal helpline

    Thanks all. I left a message on their answerphone. I then remembered I had legal cover with my house insurance and they actually worked on a Sunday. They were very helpful and knowledgeable. Worth checking your home insurance if ever you need legal advice. I'm now suitably armed with knowing my...
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    BHS legal helpline

    PM received, thank you very much :)
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    BHS legal helpline

    Hi, does anyone have their BHS card handy? I need the BHS legal helpline number. Apparently it's on the back of my BHS gold card, but I can't find it! I know my BHS membership number, so just need the helpline number. Many thanks in advance :)
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    Big suprise BOGOF!

    Congratulations, can't wait to see pics :)
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    Large browbands

    I bought an extra full Jeffries bridle and the browband was only 15 inches - way too small for my horses head. I contacted a local saddler and she made me a 19 inch one with the same leather that Jeffries use for their bridlework. It only cost me £20 :)
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    Absolutely Terrible Day

    I hope it all blows over and you are allowed to stay. It's a shame the yard owner wasn't there to meet you and maybe this could all have been avoided. Good luck, I hope it all works out for you :)
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    New horse vetted today - possible sarcoid??

    I have a horse who had a tiny sarcoid on his neck and when he was in vet hospital for an unrelated issue, had the sarcoid lasered while he was there. Lasering didn't remove the sarcoid and aggravated it. This resulted in the tiny sarcoid becoming the size of a digestive biscuit (it was flat...
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    Turmeric troubles

    I make my turmeric mix up daily at home and take it with me to feed. I one of those Tupperware boxes with a waterproof seal. I just put all my ingredients in, mix it with water then shake it. I make enough for 2 feeds then take it home in the evening ready to make up for the following morning...
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    You were all wrong!

    Take note ;)
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    SHipping a saddle - what courier do you suggest?

    Sorry to drag up an old thread. I thought I would try Hermes to post a saddle but when getting a quote online it says my box is too big. Are they really strict on the size or should I try elsewhere and if so, any further recommendations?
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    I'm a proud owner of a pure bred clyde!

    Oh my - she's gorgeous! Bet she'll finish growing quite a bit bigger than 16h :)
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    I was wondering how it went too :)
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    Won't stop growing!

    My boy was 16h at 4 1/2 and just a touch under 17h by 8.
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    Black Friday Deals

    For non-horsey stuff, try La Redoute. They have 50% off everything, even decent branded stuff. The promo code is on their website (not putting on here as will get told off). When you click on the branded stuff it says 'excluded from sale unless specified', but when you go to the checkout and...
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    Recommendations for having a girth made for Stock saddle

    Having purchased a stock saddle, it came with a girth that is too small. I have spent ages googling to find someone who sells stock saddle girths in the UK to no avail, so ended up purchasing one from the US. It was delivered yesterday, but the buckles are way too small for the straps of the...