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    Any Idea how to put a Bitless Bridle back together?

    I have a lovely Dr Cooks style crossover bitless bridle that I want to sell. Now being a clever soul! I have taken it to bits and cleaned it in anticipation of the upcoming equine boot fair and now have no idea at all of how it fits back together again!!! Does anyone have any instructions...
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    Has a horse ever helped you..

    When I lived in Cyprus I owned a very spooky ex racer, one day I had hacked out with another friend from the yard and a couple of the youngsters who wanted to come along.....We had had a super ride and were heading back via the quarry which gave us a nice long uphill canter. I was in the lead...
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    Facebook - Horse shot by livery owner

    Sorry posted twice!
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    Facebook - Horse shot by livery owner

    Apparently it is because the liveries have given deposits and YO is refusing to return them unless they give the full months notice, I suppose it is a very dificult situation to be in I mean would you want to give this guy a months notice, I know I would think twice yet I suppose people need the...
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    Facebook - Horse shot by livery owner

    Just seen this update on FB UPDATE: Hi Danielle, thanks for approving me to the group, the whole thing is outrageous but I didn't want to post on the group as I live close by, I heard tonight that 4 C &C lorries were booked to pick up the liveries but, the gates where locked so police were...
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    Facebook - Horse shot by livery owner

    From reading everything yesterday it seems the "if you don't pay up I will shoot your horse" is not in the actual livery contract it is something that liveries are told verbally....but even so If a YO said this to me I would run for the hills
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    Facebook - Horse shot by livery owner

    Having been in the position of having a loaner who just decided not to pay any livery for three months, I was contacted by the YO asking if I had in fact given her the horse as she had said as he wanted to change ownership so he could sell to repay the debt. I thank god that I was dealing with...
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    Facebook - Horse shot by livery owner

    Um no they are not RSPCA inspectors. The RSPCA rents land adjacent to the farm.
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    Facebook - Horse shot by livery owner

    If it is true that the police are involved then all the naming and shaming and suggestion of vigilante groups will only serve to totally screw up any successful prosecution and make a legal victim out of a possible perpetrator.
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    Side bone

    Mine was diagnosed at 6 also at a pre purchase vetting he has it in both feet and it was totally ossified . Purchaser did not go through with the purchase and my vet told me that in all probability my horse would be totally fine so just crack on, but only jump at low levels and only on a good...
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    Livery Yards Faversham Area In Kent

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    Livery - Faversham Kent Area

    Can anyone recommend a good livery in the area? Happy with full, assisted or DIY if close enough to home which is plumb between sittingbourne and Faversham. Thanks Chav
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    Livery Yards Faversham Area In Kent

    Can anyone recommend a good livery yard in the area? Happy with Full, Assisted or even DIY if it is near enough to home. PM me if you prefer. Many thanks Chav
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    Anyone over 65 still riding?

    My Dad was still riding his old hunter (28 at the time!) at 84 he gave up riding at 87 when Hec got to 31 they then used to go off for little in hand walks every day until Hec passed away at 35. At 92 he still used to come to the yard most days and play with my horses. I had a friend in Cyprus...
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    Transporter Required - URGENT!!

    Try Equine Travel Agency in Dover They transported my lad over from Holland and were fantastic they may have a part load out there