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    Has the vet suggested what your horses ideal weight is? You should be feeding 1.5% of your horses ideal weight,unless he was deemed obese by the vet & then you could go down to 1%, including any hard feed. Soak the hay for a minimum of 12 hours & feed in a small holed net - preferably divided...
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    Baby gecko in my bathtub

    A baby gecko - you lucky thing! They are fascinating. We had them climbing over the inside walls of a property we rented in Portugal. Great for keeping the mosquito population down. I would capture him/her as I would a spider - clear receptacle over & carefully slide thin card underneath.
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    Laminitis routine / prevent / please share your's

    Out 24/7 unless risk of frost. Bareish paddock of 1/3 acre. Fresh grass of approx. 4 square foot given daily. Supplemented with soaked hay calculated at 2%of her ideal weight divided by 2. Fed in small holed net on the ground (unshod). Lunged 4 times a week & will be led out (with hoof boots)...
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    Soaking hay

    I soak hay, but to be honest, it’s a bit of a guessing game regarding reduction in sugars. If it’s only dust spores that you’re concerned about, then soak for an hour & rinse or buy a steamer.
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    Would you buy a horse that windsucks?

    If she suits you, buy her. Personally, windsucking puts me on edge, a bit like hearing other people eating. But that’s my problem.
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    Doing a u-turn on selling?

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    Puppy neutering

    Get him done in a few months. He’s a terrier & you don’t want him turning nasty towards other males. His anxiety is part & parcel of his particular genetic make-up. Manage it & get those balls off.
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    Can you freeze tinned dog food once opened?

    A week opened, kept in the fridge to prevent drying out, won’t do it any harm.
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    Aaarrrgghhhh! Imminent puppy arrival!

    And breathe.....�� you sound like a responsible person, everything is set up, you will mess up but you will learn from it. It’s a bit like having your first baby, you’ve read all the books but it’s still a curve ball. Enjoy your puppy more than getting it right...
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    Vaccinations for older dogs

    I don’t vaccinate mine after two years old. We’re fairly rural & interaction with other dogs is minimal. I keep an eye out for bites from rats & the like but to date have never had problems. They never go to kennels or shows anymore so the potential for contamination is small.
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    Now then, these Designer Breeds ….

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    foal rescued?

    Well said.
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    Pony tethered to a tree

    Legally, I have no idea. Morally, administer hay & water & monitor.
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    Tips to get a horse more forward :)

    Squeeze, kick, then schooling whip & mean it!
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    Petition to curb RSPCA prosecutions

    And? A forum user called Poison Pen has stated an opinion about the Donkey Sanctuary vet & linked an article regarding the seizure of donkey. That's what happens if you don't provide appropriate care. Half the field was a flood plain, no solid shelter from the rain & overgrown feet. Plus this...