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    A question about pro pics

    Very interesting - thank you for clearing that up!
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    A question about pro pics

    Sorry to sound a bit thick about this but to clarify. If I spend £10 on a photo in a frame then scan that photo and put it on my Facebook I'm braking the law? Have I not bought the rights to the photo? What difference is putting it on my Facebook to having it hanging in my house for people to see?
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    I viewed a horse today and need some advice

    Whereabouts in the country is the mare? Could you pm me the horses name? Sounds identical to one I went to look at this time last year and I'd be slightly concerned if she was either a. still for sale or b. is already being sold on.
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    Would you let someone coming to try your horse ride out on there own.

    I maybe pointing out the obvious but the buyers car would be at the yard therefore theft is very unlikely unless they had a banger of a car worth less than the horse but even still with registration details you could track the person down should the ride off with your horse!!
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    odd white hairs in a patch on bay horse

    Have you had your saddle checked recently? Do you bandage him/boot him? My first thought is pressure points where somethings been rubbing.
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    first loan horse, some advice please! Try this link- if it doesn't work take a look on the bhs website for it. They have all the information you'll need plus a template contract. Good luck and enjoy!!! :)
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    How many times to allow trying of horse for sale?

    I'm happy for someone to come and see a horse as many times as they like, however after the second time I am less likely to be as accommodating (i.e I wouldn't take time off work or re-schedule something else but they are more than welcome to come again if they fit in around when I'm at the...
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    Never trust anyone how could she?!

    That is shocking- how awful for you :( Please don't feel guilty, you're not the one to blame here! I don't feel her punishment is justice enough though.
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    Going from one horse to two?

    I've got four, although 1 is a 2yo and 1 is my old retired mare so only two ridden. Pros if one goes lame Ive still got one to ride, they've always got company, friends can ride out with me, I LOVE riding and leading (it's so wonderful taking them both out together!), I get two chances at...
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    DIY livery wanted - burgess hill and surrounding areas

    As I'm struggling to find a suitable yard to rent for my four horses I was wondering if anyone could recommend or suggest DIY livery yards in and around burgess hill, hassocks, ditching, haywards Heath etc, pretty much anywhere within 20 minutes driving distance from hickstead. My...
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    Yard to rent in Sussex- wanted!!

    Thanks guys- will look into both of those :)
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    Yard to rent in Sussex- wanted!!

    Hi all, I am desperately seeking a yard to rent for my 5 horses but can't seem to find anything! Must have 5 boxes, enough acerage to support 5 horses, ménage and electricity and water. Does anyone know of anything? Will consider livery at a push but would prefer my own place. Many...
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    problems selling 3 year old, anyone else??

    I sold one a couple of weeks back but she had been on the market for a few months. I was in no rush to sell so held out on price, turned away the numpties and found her a lovely home in the end. The right person is out there you just need patience if you don't want to drop the price.
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    Help please cos I'm being a bit thick

    Yes, you will pay your July bill and hand in your notice Friday. You of course would be able to leave before then but you will still have to pay for July as this is your months notice period.