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    Anyone else clipped already?!

    Yes. About a month earlier than usual but pony is so hairy and has to wear sweet itch rug so was sweating in the field. I just hope it doesn't make his itching worse.
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    Recommendations please? :) Best heavy duty 24/7 turnout rugs for winter

    Rambo duo. Not as heavy as PE. Keeps them dry and you can add liners as needed.
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    Colic Surgery - Would you do it?

    No. My pony is insured but he lives out 24/7 and hates being in for more than a few hours so I know wouldn't cope with months of box rest and then very restricted turn out. I think as owners we have to distinguish between what can be done and what should be done. Neither of my other horses would...
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    Horse Buying Quandary -Urgent Advice Needed🐴😁

    I don't think you should expect to fall in love with something at first sight. I took my present one on loan and bought him after a year. Even then I'd say that I really liked him. I don't think I really loved him until about six months after that. It can take time.
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    Feeling bitter and twisted!

    You should have thanked her and then asked, with great concern, if she was sure that her pony was completely sound on the near fore as you thought it had looked a bit off on her last circle.
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    Non ridden equines

    My last horse had to be retired at 12 and had 10 happy years in retirement. I used to get some comments about being 'mad' for paying for livery for her. She was my best friend and I didn't give a .....
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    Saddler Woking Surrey needed

    I think he'll keep an eye for you if you let him know what you want.
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    Saddler Woking Surrey needed

    Guy at Chobham Rider
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    Has anyone successfully complained about a farrier to the farriery council?

    I think a lot of the problems may relate to how farriers are trained. Years ago I was on a yard and several of the liveries had the same farrier. He was quite a 'name', I think was on the Farriers Council -and was allowed to have apprentices. In reality when horses were being shod he was rarely...
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    Dressage What does a £1.5million dressage 4 year old look like? This!

    Someone famous - can't remember who - said that a horse only had so much passage in it so you should be very careful where you used it. It seems an awful lot for a big horse to be doing at four bearing in mind how much of him won't actually be complete yet.
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    Post party work

    Thanks - we went for a wander in hand. Got absolutely soaked.
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    Post party work

    My young sharer took my pony to a little show yesterday. She did a couple of showing classes and a jumping class. I don't do competing so don't know what I should do with him tomorrow. He can have a day off - he's in a bare paddock so can come out and free graze on some better grass while I do...
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    How are y’all coping in this heat?🥵

    What happened?
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    How are y’all coping in this heat?🥵

    I feel your pain as mine's exactly the same - fly and midge magnet. He spends most of his time in the field shelter but it's still baking in there. Last night I put him in his very light weight fly rug - he should be in a sweetitch - went this morning and a fly had got under it and was really...
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    Those with inbetween rug sized horses :) Amigo Fly rug advice

    I did buy a Rambo vamoose sweet itch rug and have to say it didn't seem to make any difference to the number of flies bothering my pony. I always buy the Rambo fly masks with the stiff eye rim to help stop rubbing. Pony got a new mask off and I found it in the field - covered in flies!