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    Symptoms, what would you think?!

    I could have written your post but just opposits leg (won't step thro on r hind in canter) Vet fairly unhelpful as horse 'wasn't lame', only slightly stiff flexion on r hind. Eventually got him referred to local vet school & he's had bone scan, x-rays, nerve blocks. None showed up anything...
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    BD Tack Rules

    Does anyone know if you have to have a browband on horses bridle for BD? Have read the tack section in rule book but it doesn't specify onew way or the other. Any help pls??
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    Wanted- last years hay!

    Are u on Facebook? Look on Horsey stuff for sale in Scotland and Horsey stuff for sale in ayrshire- I saw someone advertising on there 2day with last year's hay for sale
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    Posting a saddle - who to use?

    I have used Paisley Freight twice with no problems. Think it's £13-15 for saddle. Extra insurance is optional-I asked sellers which level of insurance they would like & asked them to pay it
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    Leg protection for dressage horse who brushes behind

    Brushing boots & large rubber sausage boots/fetlock ring on both legs?
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    Premier equine breaches?

    I dont think they show every lump & bump the suede seat helps to cover that up :) But I do find at sides that u can see your skin colour shining through if that makes sense altho they are good quality
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    Selling Saddles without Ebay- protecting yourself- any advice?

    I advertised on local Facebook horsey for sale pages & also on the manufacturers Facebook page which is where I eventually sold it from. Did have to wait about 2yrs for it to sell but was brand new quality saddle so I'd rather hang onto it than let it go for ridiculous price. Make sure u...
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    Dressage girths...

    If you have somewhere that hires it can u share pls. I never sure horse is overly happy with girth so would like to try the stubben. He's a nightmare as hated the fairfax which on paper should have been perfect for him!!
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    Thinking about the future... schoolmaster, how to find?

    If you want to PM me I have a friend about to advertise her horse who may well suit you. Also in Scotland
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    Second Hand Patriot Saddles

    I think I'm right saying the Patriots are made by Ideal for Stirlingshire so u could ask Ideal what tree they are on & try out one of Ideals own make saddles with same tree at least giving u an idea if tree is a good shape for your horse. Lots of saddle fitters around that deal with Ideal so...
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    Saddle pad problems...

    I had same problem with my 15hander. Not as fancy & pretty as makes u talking about but Horseware Amigo pads come in cob/full size which us neater than full size and Nuumed do a 'medium' which might b ok for u
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    Sending saddle to America

    Has anyone recently sent saddles to US?? What company did you use? Have a Black Country saddle on the website & interest from America but not having much luck finding someone to ship it. Have tried UPS & UTI but both say they won't ship from residential address to a residential address...
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    Kent & Masters saddle owners advice please

    I've got brown Passier leathers with my K&M
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    Breeches with back pockets for less than £100

    Premier equine does ones with back pockets im sure. I've got ones with no pockets and they r fab! & under £100 with the stretchy ankle fabric :)
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    Low red blood cell and high muscle enzymes after fall.

    I had similar fall with horse about 4 months ago. Walking horse along a beach path the ground gave way under 1 foot & we both fell. He seemed 'fine' gave him few days off & some danilon but after couple weeks I knew he wasn't right. Physio out & basically he was twisted, stiff & in pain from...