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    Range Rover - talk me out of it

    A good one is good, if you get a dud it’s a money pit. Lovely to have until it goes wrong
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    Faulty rug? Not breathable?

    So he’s not clipped and in a 200grm rug if I’m reading this right, not surprised he’s hot, over tugging is a welfare issue and just because you’re finding it colder I bet he’s not
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    Found a horse I really like - but she has melanomas

    Not stupid at all, stupid is buying from a dodgy dealer unseen and unvetted and not doing your internet search engine check before you pay and have it delivered
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    Feeling a bit depressed about hacking

    Oh how I agree, it was never brilliant round here, all were drive out, do a little twiddle and back the same way. We used to have a key to MOD tracks but that was removed at the last battalion changeover. Lost my driving pony 18 months ago and miss driving so much but the road is so fast outside...
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    Pulled over by the police for a routine check

    I think any initiative against rural crime is brilliant but you could have had a trailer full of stolen tack!
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    At last.....

    Brilliant I’ve been keeping up with your search, he looks lovely, is he bay under the grey rug cos the list said no greys?😂
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    Anyone have a grass arena or who schools in a field?

    We’ve never had an arena and are on Essex clay, we can normally ride on the paddock between end of March and early November, we do most of our work out hacking and during the winter we usually hire an arena when we start to get fit in January perhaps once a week. Not stopped us getting to hoys...
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    Horse flies 🙈🙈🙈

    The cows have come up to the shade in the small woodland next door, I’m sitting in my kitchen and there are 19 horseflies in one window and 11 in the other!
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    Never thought I’d be writing this :(

    Didn’t realise what a wealthy lot you all were, £2500 would take me a long time to save and I certainly couldn’t justify losing it. All these work ups being suggested cost, vet work ups possibly ending with a MRI could easily reach four figures and OP still has a horse that likely she can’t fix...
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    Never thought I’d be writing this :(

    So from sympathising most of you are now trying to send the OP on a guilt trip, why are you trying to talk her into having expensive vet examinations for a horse she should NEVER get on again. The horse probably isn’t a rogue but she bought him in good faith albeit naively but he should be...
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    Being an Owner

    No has two potential riders in mind but the plan looks like it needs a rethink. Many thanks for the replies and pm’s, it’s a bit of an eye opener.
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    Being an Owner

    As in having bred a lovely horse now 5 for son to ride but he’s now busy with career and really has no inspiration to go beyond novice BE and happy with his long time partner. Said homebred oozes talent and as Mum is now in a better financial position wants to have her fun time going out to...
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    Help me choose

    Yep 3
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    Why are some riding instructors like this?

    Fascinating reading these replies, just before lockdown I was at a local show at an equestrian centre that has a riding school attached, had a longish wait between classes sowatched and listened to the lessons going on in a decent sized arena next door It was painful, lots of ‘kick’, use your...
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    Why are some riding instructors like this?

    So enjoyed reading these, we went for an introduction to xc clinic with our young pony some years ago, lots of trailers and lots of us set off to the xc course. We had specifically booked to go with this instructor, so hoped we were with her - we were, among 15 others who had. We had had to hire...