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    Happy retirement Millie - a retrospective ;)

    What a fab post, very inspiring, Happy Retirement Millie xx
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    How long did it take you to get used to your horse?

    It took me 2 years to get used to my horse Toby and not get so nervous when I first got on, he was (in hindsight) a big step up for me from my first horse Chumley who was a very steady happy hack type. Toby was the opposite, spooky and fairly sharp, but loves work and he is without doubt my...
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    Wits end with anorexic horse, ideas please.

    Mine have always eaten meds better in a balancer rather than a mix or mash type product - don't know why but it works..? I have used Baileys Lo Cal and Top Spec Comprehensive. Can post a sample of the Top Spec if needed. Good luck xx
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    Sprinter Sacre

    Absolutely stunning horse in the flesh, hope he is happy whatever he decides suits him for the future, would love to see him out and about again.
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    Eventing, showing, engagements, horse lorries... its a long one!

    Lovely post and pics - congratulations to you all!!
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    Body protector recommendations please

    Badminton would be a good place to go and try all different makes on and see what suits you best. I have a Kanteq and love it.
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    Tricky saddle fit help please!

    Have a look at Farrington saddles, they seem to suit native crosses with similar build to yours?
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    The brutally honest confo thread!

    Thank you xxxxx
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    The brutally honest confo thread!

    Hehe small but inperfectly formed... I've changed my album setting now so can anyone see it or shall I just get my coat ����
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    Rubbing ears, itchy shetland? Causes?

    My first thought was lice, my mini Shetlands sometimes gets them, especially as it gets milder x
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    The brutally honest confo thread!

    This thread is so interesting, I'm learning so much, thank you to everyone replying. This is the only side on photo of my boy sorry, is it enough to critique? I'm intrigued to what you think of his type, it says on his passport TBx?? On an early vetting I have a copy of it says TB x Sec D...